Kunalan now heads Meltwater Malaysia

Kunalan Ramasamy joins the company as Malaysia’s new Country Manager. An industry veteran and seasoned sales leader, Ramasamy joins Meltwater from Isentia where he served as regional director.

Meltwater is introducing an expanded offering to its social analytics suite, including new features such as Visual enrichments, Facebook Group Analytics and a partnership with NewsGuard.

The new partnership with NewsGuard that helps brands quickly detect and respond to the spread of misinformation across social media platforms and news sources.

With Visual enrichments, brands now have access to an AI-powered tool that lets them search for the context of an image, beyond the traditional format of text-only searches in news websites, blogs, and Reddit documents.

Importantly, it enables better tracking of visual mentions, including, logos, celebrities, genders and more. Plus Facebook Group Analytics helps brands analyse conversations in their Facebook groups to gain a deeper understanding of sentiments, and derive key insights from posts and comments within these communities.

“In the last few years, it’s become apparent that social media is front and centre for individuals and businesses in the region. With our new product innovations, brands will be able to turn ever-evolving social media innovations into an opportunity,” says David Hickey, Executive Director, Asia Pacific, Meltwater.

David Hickey, Executive Director, Asia Pacific, Meltwater

Another key appointment is Jeff Tai who joins Meltwater Hong Kong as Sales Director, where he is in-charge of growing and scaling the business. Meltwater recently won the Software – Marketing Technology award at the prestigious HKB Technology Excellence Awards 2022.

Both Kunalan and Jeff will play a critical role in evolving and growing the business in the region. “I’m thrilled to welcome Kunalan and Jeff to the team, and believe that their experience will be invaluable to Meltwater’s regional growth and momentum.” adds David.

Rebecca Heng, Marketing & PR Brand Lead, McLaren ANZ & SEA says, “McLaren is using Meltwater’s Explore and Media Relations platforms to track and monitor its own brand, as well as to benchmark it against competitors. “Meltwater’s ability to accurately capture relevant content has been of huge help to McLaren Automotive Asia when it comes to keeping track of our brand and filtering out noise on the internet.

Beyond that, we’ve also been able to use Meltwater to improve retailer tracking and reporting in the Asia Pacific region in real-time.”

Jonathan de Belen, Head of Business Intelligence at Tier One Entertainment, shares “We are using Klear, a Meltwater offering, as its main data analytics platform to fuel a growing pool of esports content creators.”

“Klear provides the data needed to supercharge creative talent management for the company. It helps us determine everything from the cost of partnering with content creators to the value that is being delivered for the brand.”

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