Housewives are more intelligent than most marketers think!

Sita Subramony: Dear marketers, housewives are more intelligent than you think! 

Housewives. They disguise themselves as overworked and under-informed women who cater to their husbands’ and family’s every whim. Growing up in the 70’s, Sita points out that despite the lack of education, the housewives were very shrewd about managing the household expenses.
However today, Sita believes housewives are educated and better informed.

In MARKETING Magazine’s mid-February issue, we featured Sita Subramony, a LSG Exponent who talks about how marketers need to alter their perception towards housewives.
First, Sita observes that housewives fall into 3 categories.

First are rich housewives who instruct their maids to save money in the household shopping for items that don’t need to be branded.

The second group is the middle-class housewives who do all the household shopping and they’re always looking for the best deals. They’re brand loyal to a range of products.

Lastly are the low-income housewives who priorities lie in basic necessities hence there is no brand loyalty.

She adds on that in a 2012 review of marketing to women indicated that as many as 91% of women in the US think that marketers and advertisers don’t understand them.

Marketers continue to portray women predominantly as stay-at-home mothers who are happily taking care of the home for their kids and husbands.

She agrees with what Janie Curtis (of The Telocity Group) suggests on how marketers better engage housewives, i.e. look for ways to improve their ‘house-life’, offering life-enhancing benefits that are in sync with the craziness of their everyday lives.
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