Astro plays ball with marketers, in partnership with the Malaysian Football League

“The match had been very physical so far, but the referee kept most things in check with some wise calls on run of play.

Electricity at this MFL game has been running high and at stake were the rights to be official broadcaster of Liga Malaysia – the Perlawanan Sumbangsih, Liga Super, Piala FA and Piala Malaysia.

The moment came…in the final minutes of a goalless game.

It was a long lob from the corner which nobody saw coming. The ball had escaped by bobbing over some daring body slides and even the clutches of the keeper.

It landed at the feet of one Astrordinary player who was undecided on taking a direct shot to the far side of the net, or squeeze it between two screaming defenders.

The crowd leapt to its feet.
Astro didn’t waver.

Everything happened in a flash…


The whistle blew and marketers jumped for joy in the euphoria.

Astro clinched the strategic partnership with Malaysian Football League (MFL) to champion Malaysian football as the official broadcaster of Liga Malaysia and powerhouse coverage will never be the same again.”

The FIFA World Cup 2022TM  LIVE Viewing Event

Over 5,000 Malaysians of different races and ethnicities gathered and cheered for THE SAME GOAL, screamed and cried while hugging each other.Watch here.

Malaysians have only one focus when their country plays big and only football delivers this awesome connection power. Imagine how the fanaticism grows frenzy-crazy when Liga Malaysia combines football with patriotism, eg. the AFF match between Malaysia and Thailand scored higher views than any World Cup or EPL match!

Liga Malaysia commenced 24 Feb 2023 through to 17 Dec 2023. While live sports continue to deliver large-scale TV viewership, fans also want more conversation and engagement beyond live matches through additional video and other content, social media, and interactive games/competitions.

Marketing during big events is perceived to be coming with a high price tag. But this is not necessarily true. Marketers can make effective use of their budget and engage a broad range of demographics and a vast spectrum of levels of fandom – from diehard fans to casual followers in unique, dynamic ways.

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