Ensemble creates short CNY films for Anchor

Ensemble collaborates with Anchor for Chinese New Year campaign. 

Ensemble has created the shortest series of films for Anchor’s Chinese New Year campaign, to encourage consumers to cherish real moments with their families.
Anchor Beer, known as the ‘Real Beer for Real Moments’, is known to be simple, authentic, and down-to-earth, so Ensemble’s take pivots from the traditional CNY ads that you would view this festive season.
The campaign which runs from 14th to 20th February draws on copy and captioning that appears like clickbait content, paired with thumbnails that have been made to seem like big-budget production films in order to encourage people to click through and view the video spots.
Upon clicking, the user is faced with a static, copy-based visual with honest and real copy that addresses the consumer directly.
“The festive season sees so many brands coming up with emotional films that tug on heartstrings and take up your time.  Anchor beer is known for being real and no frills and this campaign was the perfect opportunity to show the unpretentious and “real” face of Anchor, said Executive Creative Director of Ensemble Worldwide, Chan Woei Hern.
The ads appear on rotation across various platforms including YouTube Discovery, Facebook video, Canvas and Outbrain.
“As a Real Beer for Real Moments, Anchor wanted to give this time back to our fans – for them to grab an Anchor this Chinese New Year, and go out to create their own moments with family and loved ones, instead of watching others in adverts do the same!” said Jessie Chuah, Marketing Manager for Anchor Beer.

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