Sonic branding agency DLMDD has produced a new sonic brand for Standard Chartered, which brings the bank’s visual identity to life through sound.

The sonic identity comprises a sonic logo, suite of brand soundtracks, voiceovers and UX sounds to reinforce the Standard Chartered brand personality across its 52 international markets.

The recordings were produced at Abbey Road Studios and can be heard across Standard Chartered communications including the latest masterbrand advertising campaign entitled ‘From Here, Possibilities Are Everywhere’.

DLMDD worked with composers Lank & Tank and Thomas Farnon to produce the sound creations. The talent are known for their work with some of the biggest names in the music business including Hans Zimmer, Stormzy, JP Cooper, Jungle and Noah Cyrus.

Anna-Karin Birnik, Managing Director, Global Head of Brand at Standard Chartered, said: “Sound is powerful because it brings out memories and drives recall, and that’s what we wanted to create for Standard Chartered – for people to remember who we are.

“We know that sound is really impactful in terms of driving perceptions, and we know that perceptions are the foundation of driving value for the brand. Our new sound identity will unify the brand and be that consistent asset across all our global experiences.”

Max De Lucia, co-founder, DLMDD, said: “This sound identity for Standard Chartered is a dynamic emblem of potential and possibilities. It is an auditory signature that resonates with the bank’s vision, delivering an unforgettable sonic experience that transcends international markets and speaks to the heart of Standard Chartered’s identity.”

DLMDD is the award-winning creative sound branding agency, which makes brands famous by bridging the magic of sound with the science of human connection.

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