Entropia adds character to KFC’s delivery website with a unique campaign

Entropia recently unveiled a new online campaign to successfully relaunch the delivery website for KFC. With a mainly urban targeting, the campaign was designed to satisfy every KFC craving moment while delivering easy user experience for online orders.

The insight for the campaign was derived from tapping unto various data platforms including social listening. Via data it was evident that Colonel Sanders isn’t the only person with a well-kept secret. Turns out that every Malaysian had a unique way of expressing their KFC craving and have their own way of savoring it especially when not in public eye.

Leveraging on this insight, Entropia identified eight craving clusters and created special personalities that identified with their ‘secret lives’. KFC KAKI UNITE introduces Malaysians to Eight ‘KFC KAKIs’- the Finger Licker, the Spicy Kulit Cruncher, the Ori Geng(OG), the Kak Slaw, the Nuggets Nutter, the Mix Masher, the Abang Zinger and the Cheezy Champion. The campaign was deployed in various phases with the introduction of ‘KFC Kaki’ personas via series of humorous videos – all playing up the relatable secret lives of the fans and why KFC Delivery should be essential for them.

To add deeper resonance, KFC lovers are encouraged to vote and support their ‘alter egos’ and to call out their friends via social tagging and sharing. Beyond typical conversational content, series of activation were kicked off at high potential delivery areas. The ‘KFC Dukaki’ riders toured in customized Ducatis encouraging fans to support their KFC Kaki via selfie posts on social media.

The campaign drove traffic to the e-commerce site and the behavioral and preference data collected were streamlined to retarget customers via CRM – to increase conversions and build a much richer database for continuous use.

At delivery stores, KFC Kaki tray liners provide dine-in consumers with DIY KFC Kaki figurine as a reminder of Delivery availability in their area. On Tinder, fans can match themselves with their favorite KFC Kaki and share their support.

According to Ramakrishnan CN, Partner at Entropia: “KFC is an iconic and most loved brand and we are honoured and proud to partner with them to bring alive this new age campaign. The understanding of the stated and more importantly the unstated love for KFC through data points has been the crux of the campaign.”

“The KFC Kakis are designed by data and we hope to continue with more of their adventures in the days to come. We are excited with the possibilities,” he added.
Commenting on the campaign, Angelina Villanueva, Sr. General Manager Marketing KFC Malaysia, said: “Data and Technology has enabled us to understand consumers at a much deeper level. Real time anticipation and response is the key to marketing in the digital age and we are glad to be working with Entropia to build overall customer experience.”

“At KFC Malaysia we are hard at work to develop products to please our customers and the new refreshed online delivery experience is an important part of our commitment. We are pleased the campaign has touched many who have come forward to reveal their inner KFC Kaki. More importantly, whenever a KFC craving kicks in – with our customized site a Finger Lickin’ good experience is just a click away,” she added.

The conversion leg of the campaign was built around – order, vote and win. The quantity of votes that fans can cast are tied to the value of their delivery orders – and the more they vote higher the chances of winning prizes. Additionally, ‘Cluck Hour’ promo gave 50% off each KFC Kaki’s favourite items weekly, driving sales during non-peak hours.

The campaign ran for two months and Cheezy Champion, Spicy Kulit Cruncher and Nuggets Nutter were crowned the top three favorite KFC Kakis by Malaysians. Results exceeded expectations with double the industry benchmark for engagement rates, a 44% bump in website traffic and 32% bump in online orders compared to previous period, all contributing to a highly enriched and segmented customer database for continuous engagement.

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