BBDO Bangkok & partners launch a deepfake project to support missing person reporters

BBDO Bangkok, Kunana and The Mirror Foundation have worked together to put the AI technology Deepfake to very good use with the impressive and important project ‘THE MISSING PERSON REPORTERS’.

For the first time, a missing person is reported by the missing person themselves.

But it is actually Deepfake AI technology that has been finally put good use and for a deserving cause.

To give some context for this pioneering technology, Deepfake is an advanced and powerful AI technology that enables us to replace anyone’s face on an existing image or video of a person. For the past few years, Deepfake technology has been known for its misuse in pornography, fake news and hoaxes. Isn’t it time for us to finally put such advanced technology to good use?

Introducing The Missing Person Reporters. For the first time, missing person news is reported by the missing person themselves using Deepfake technology.  A special project created by BBDO Bangkok, Kunana and The Mirror Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Thailand with a mission of searching for and finding missing persons. 

So, how is using Deepfake to modify a reporter’s face to appear as a missing person beneficial? 

Studies show that the human brain remembers and recognises moving images better than still ones.  Using this research, to make a missing person more recognisable to the public and therefore increase their chances of being found, Deepfake technology has been used to change the faces of news reporters to the faces of missing persons.

The missing persons appear to read their own news and appeal to the public to help find them.

Through this stunning technology, The Missing Person Reporters project creates a massive impact and impression on the public, beyond any ordinary missing-person report could. It ensures whoever’s watching remembers the missing persons’ faces and looks out for them in public, helping with the search to bring them home. 

Client : The Mirror Foundation
Agency : BBDO Bangkok
Tech Production Company : Kunana

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