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By The Malketeer

Reuters reports that Turkey’s parliament removed Coca-Cola and Nestle products from its restaurants on Tuesday, 7 November over their alleged support for Israel amid the conflict in Gaza, according to an official statement and a source who named the two companies.

“The products of companies that support Israel will not be sold in restaurants, cafeterias and tea houses in the parliament campus,” Turkey’s Grand National Assembly said, without identifying the companies.

Speaker Numan Kurtulmus made the decision, it added, in order to “support public sensitivity regarding boycotting products of companies who have openly declared their support for Israel’s war crimes (and) killing of innocent people in Gaza”.

A parliamentary source said Coca-Cola beverages and Nestle instant coffee were the only brands removed from menus, adding the decision was meant to respond to “huge public outcry against these companies” for supporting Israel.

Neither the parliament statement nor the source specified how Coca-Cola and Nestle supported Israel’s war effort.

Last month Nestle said it temporarily shut down of one of its production plants in Israel as a “precaution”, becoming the first consumer products giant to announce a response to the war.

Turkish activists have in recent days named both companies in social media posts that call for boycotts of Israeli goods and Western companies they view as endorsing Israel.

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