Astro and NagaDDB inspire Malaysians with Raya message embracing old celebrations in new normal.

This year, we’ve seen Malaysians collectively embrace uncertainty, social and cultural disruption and an unclear economic climate. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected each and every one of us, forcing restrictions and placing limitations in our daily lives.

It’s not only caused a change in the way we live and work, but also in how we observe important dates such as Aidilfitri. Working closely with the Astro team, NagaDDBTribal saw a need and an opportunity to instill positive thinking within all Malaysians to promote the joyful spirit of Raya while embracing new norms.

“As a leading media company, we need to play our part in helping to educate and inform Malaysians on the need for social distancing, even during important celebrations. Our message tells of the patience and strength that we each must have, that together we are stronger,” says Christinne Lim, Director of Marketing at Astro.

The simple yet powerful message of Indahkan Senyuman, Eratkan Jalinan aims to bring Malaysians closer in spirit during these challenging times, despite the necessary physical distance that must be observed..

This year, most  of the production had to be conducted under strict lockdown rules. Naga DDB took advantage of Malaysia’s thriving animation industry  and created Astro’s first-ever animated Raya spot. This initiative also reflected Astro’s cause: supporting and empowering Malaysian talent and content makers.

Cerita Raya Dik Non is a story revolving around a cheerful little girl named Dik Non, always smiling and ever-optimistic, on a mission to inject a more cheery atmosphere inher village for the upcoming Raya celebration. Her efforts are fully supported by her father, Pak Mail. Although Pak Mail always has a serious look plastered on his face, he goes all out in helping Dik Non complete her mission because of his love for her. This quality of standing by his daughter is symbolic of Astro’s dedication to their customers.

Leading the broadcasting industry in Malaysia, Astro is famous for its efforts in supporting local Malaysian talent. This can be seen in Cerita Raya Dik Non, fully using local talent, taking almost 6 months of pre-production and craft. The production was seamless despite the MCO because no live shoot was needed.

What makes the film even more special is that Pak Mail is voiced by none other than Astro’s Vice President, Chief of Malay and Nusantara, Content Management Group, Dato’ Khairul Anwar Salleh. The birth of Cerita Raya Dik Non was a combination of the inspiration, imagination, and creativity of Astro, Naga DDB Tribal, and Graph Studios in collaboration with animation studio FNL Project. Cerita Raya Dik Non was directed by Derrik Yaw, director of Astro’s previous Raya commercial, Astro Raya Kuasa 7.

The pandemic has forced us to rethink and change our approach to how work is normally done.  Despite physical gatherings not being possible and everyone having to adhere to #stayhome rules, we can still #indahkansenyuman and #eratkanjalinan together.

“Instead of waiting for others to cheer us up, we should be the ones to initiate it and make someone smile with our actions even from afar. That’s the true spirit of Indahkan Senyuman,” said Farid Ajlan, Creative Group Head.

“Smiles are contagious so let’s spread joy with just a simple smile,” adds Erman Basiron, Creative Group Head.

“Being under MCO rules has pushed us to rethink the way we do things. It’s the very essence of challenging our creativity. We cannot use any restrictions and limitations as an excuse for not trying to do good work,” Nik Radzi, Deputy ECD.

Watch our film from the link below:

Credit List

Agency: Naga DDB Tribal
Executive Creative Director: Nik Radzi
Creative Group Head: Erman Basiron, Farid Ajlan
Copywriter: Farid Ajlan, Nursuhaila Sukri, Yusman Rosdi
Art Director: Hafiz Mansor, Hafiz Zulkifli, Farhan Masyadi’
Designer                                              : Siti Sarah Ibrahim, Ali Saiful
Planner                                                : Josephine Phang, Alisya Rozhan
Business Unit Head                            : Caroline Kong
Senior Brand Manager                       : Jannah Adnan
Brand Manager                                   : Syakilla Azman        
Brand Executive                                  : Natasha Nadzer
Project Director                                   : Jeremy Lim
Head of AV                                         : Sharon De Silva
AV Producer                                       : Lee Boon Hsin
Character Illustrator                            : Amin Daud

Production House: Graph Studio
Film Director                                      : Derrik Yaw
Assistant Director                               : Chan Teik Quan
Animation Director                              : Shi Bin
Director of Photography                      : FNL PRJCT
Technical Director                              : Kenix Ho
Executive Producer                            : Kenneth Lim
Producer                                             : Tiger Chia
Animation Producer                            : Jim Chuah
Animation Production                         : FNL PRJCT
Art Manager                                        : Jim Chuah, Kenix Ho
Audio Production                                : L.A.B. Studio, MKNK Productions
Composer                                           : Clinton Liew
Sound Engineer                                  : Soo Yuen Yiet, Johnston
Editor                                                  : FNLPRJCT
Colorist                                                : Jawagar

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