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As the season for The APPIES Malaysia Marketing Campaigns Awards 2021 gets into full swing, we have been receiving many requests from contenders who missed out last year.

One of the concerns has been that last year was a difficult year for all, and hence an abnormal one when it came to collating entries.

With 2020 being a major COVID year, some brands could not submit for APPIES because their campaign results (a key factor in our judging criteria) were not available in time because of the lockdown.

As such, and after consulting with APPIES Principals in Singapore, we have decided to make an exception and extend the campaign eligibility period for this year.

The new eligibility period for APPIES Malaysia 2021 is for campaigns that have run during January 2020 – May 2021.

I hope this allows more brands to be able to make it for our entry deadline on April 16, and will reflect a holistic representation of the year 2020 at our Awards.

You can enter your submissions here:

Thank you and have a great week ahead.

Prof Harmandar Singh
President – APPIES Malaysia
Publisher – MARKETING WeekEnder
*Campaigns that were submitted in previous APPIES cannot be re-entered.

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