Sing-a-long to Raya recipes with “KARAokay”

Kara Marketing Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Geometry Malaysia, launched its 2019 Raya campaign with musical recipes in “KARAokay”, which combines the love of Raya recipes and Raya songs to encourage Malaysians, particularly young adults to keep the tradition of cooking Raya dishes alive.

Geometry Malaysia’s Digital Group Head, Ai Vee Lim, explained that the idea behind this concept was based on data-driven facts which found that online search for traditional recipes and Raya songs tripled during the weeks leading up to Hari Raya.

Using this insight, the agency came up with a solution that helped the target audience learn the recipes by heart, just like the Raya songs they have all come to know so well and is synonymous to this festive season.

The original songs; Nazam Lebaran and Meriah Suasana Hari Raya, both originally sung by Dato Sri Siti Nurhaliza, had the lyrics rewritten with the recipes of the two top-searched coconut cream-based recipes; Rendang Ayam and Kuah Lodeh.

Filmed in stop-motion, the ingredients seem to dance within the mise-en-scène for a festive look and feel. The film was released on Kara Marketing’s Facebook and YouTube platform. , and has garnered over 1,894,976 of combined views at press time.

In addition to the film, the KARAokay microsite ( features Sahur and Iftar recipes that uses Kara coconut cream, along with Sajian Lebaran – a contest where the public can submit a picture of their traditional Raya dish, with a short story detailing why that dish is special to them.

Phoon Shi Fun, Digital Marketing Manager of Kara Marketing Sdn Bhd, said “We saw Raya as the perfect opportunity to strengthen family bond, and create something fun that connects with our target audience through nostalgia, whilst still being relevant and purposeful.

“This also enabled us to reinforce Kara’s position as a heritage brand, leveraging on the fact that mothers share family recipes passed on from generations with their children.”

With this campaign, Kara managed to position itself as guardians of Malaysia’s culinary legacy, while stripping away any intimidation the young audience normally feels when trying to take on traditional recipes.

The campaign tagline – “Dengan Kara, semuanya Kara-Okay!” instills confidence in the viewers that they too can tackle these Raya dishes.

“Data inspires and help lead the creatives to the right direction. It gives us the ‘why’, ‘where’, ‘how’ and ‘what’ in a consumer’s journey with a brand. This made our campaign sharper and helped create relevance between a traditional brand with a younger target audience”, shared Ai Vee Lim.

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