Wisesight opens access to real time Covid19 M’sia trend tracker

The COVID19 issue has seen Malaysians’ physical movement restricted but not our communications. Wisesight previously developed trend.wisesight.com to help brands and marketers keep track of real-time social trends. Now it has taken a step further with its COVID19 trend tracker https://trend.wisesight.com/covid19/my/ open to the public for free.

Shakthi DC, Founder & Regional Director of Wisesight said, “We have had positive feedback from business professionals using trend.wisesight.com. With the current Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, we see a spike in social chatter and information shared online on the topics surrounding COVID19. It was logical for us to develop an extension of the tool to help our community stay informed and engaged while maintaining a safe physical distance.

A user can view the trend on channels that they do not have a login for example you need not have a login for Twitter to know what is trending with regards to Covid19 on this channel using this edition of Trend.Wisesight”.

The online tool allows anyone and everyone to stay up-to-date on social contents related to COVID19 in real-time. Users can also join in on the conversations by clicking on the links. All you need is a device connected to the internet to access the tool at https://trend.wisesight.com/covid19/my/ and you have visibility and access to a large community online, all talking about COVID19.

Some of the sources include the Ministry of Health’s official channel, leading news sites, and public figures with credible information and opinions on this topic. Trend.Wisesight is a tech solution designed to help organisations of all scales monitor the social media movement. The COVID19 extension of this tool further pinpoints topics relevant to COVID19 in Malaysia for the general public to stay updated, aware and safe.

Learnings and data points you can gain from https://trend.wisesight.com/covid19/my/ include:

  1. Trending across social media channels – by Latest – FB, IG, TW, Forums, News, YouTube
  2. Trending across social media channels – by Engagement – FB, IG, TW, Forums, News, YouTube
  3. Past 24 hours – Trending content on each specific channel ie. FB, IG, TW, Forums, News, YT
  4. Past 12 hours – Trending content on each specific channel ie. FB, IG, TW, Forums, News, YT
  5. Past 6 hours – Trending content on each specific channel ie. FB, IG, TW, Forums, News, YouTube

“Technology has opened up more ways for us to stay connected and communicate as a collective. It is my hope to place this power in the hands of the general public so that we can stay updated and aware of the situation. For every one person using https://trend.wisesight.com/covid19/my/ there is potentially one person who is better informed” said Shakthi DC.

Shakthi DC, Founder & Regional Director of Wisesight

The Wisesight team has decided to give this access to everyone for FREE, in hopes that a concerted community engagement and awareness will keep as many people safe and help to alleviate the COVID19 situation in the country.

If you would like to stay ahead and aware of the situation (Hot topics surrounding COVID19 on Social media platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Local Forums and mainstream news on social platform in real-time) login to https://trend.wisesight.com/covid19/my/

Wisesight has a multitude of social intel tech solutions and custom objective research services serving the APAC market, get in touch with the team by emailing [email protected] and remember #welockdowntogether.

The Wisesight team

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