Tesco Malaysia rescues clueless husbands

Tesco Malaysia has published a helpful guide for husbands who may be shopping for the family for the first time during the movement control order (MCO).

In a post published yesterday on their official Facebook page, Tesco Malaysia uploaded a poster that read, “Now All Husbands Can Shop”, and shared photos differentiating cuts of chicken and various types of fish and vegetables.

“To all the ketua rumah (head of household), we understand that things may get confusing at times like this. Use this handy guide for your grocery shopping trips,” read the post.

There was no set definition for the “head of family” title, but many Malaysian husbands took it upon themselves to give a helping hand to their wives by doing the shopping on their behalf, albeit with comical results.

Facebook user Muzaffar Rahman uploaded a photo on March 22 showing several men looking confused in a supermarket aisle and the post has gone viral with more than 31,000 shares so far.

“I feel like it’s a ‘treasure hunt’ for these guys. Everyone’s staring at their written grocery lists. Lots of checkpoints to hit if you want to get everything.

“They’re taking photos and sending it to their wives on WhatsApp. One of them even made a video call to his wife and said, ‘Look! Which one do you want?’” Muzaffar wrote.

Facebook users called on Tesco to expand their guides beyond fresh food to include non-perishable goods as well.

“Tesco, it’s not just the raw materials. The sauces, noodles, sugar, salt, oil, and rice come in so many brands, packaging, and varieties that’s even more confusing,” said Joanne Lim.

A number of people also pointed out that women can easily hold the “head of family” title and that they didn’t need to rely on their husbands to shop for them.

“No worries here. I can become ketua keluarga and buy supplies by myself. Husband can stay home and look after the children. Can save both of us from anxiety,” said Noor Fathila.

“Just do what I did — admit the head of my home is the one who cooks! Simple solution,” wrote Leon Jackson.

source: https://www.malaymail.com/

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