WARC re-launches improved version of its WARC data

WARC, the global authority on advertising and media effectiveness, has -launched WARC Data, an independent and dedicated data product that helps brands, agencies and media owners plan effective advertising and media strategies and investment each and every day.

Providing more information than ever before, the improved WARC Data delivers the industry’s most accurate benchmarks for understanding media spend across channels, categories and geographies.

By using the unique process ‘HAVE’, WARC Data rigorously harmonises, aggregates, verifies and evaluates data from over 100 reputable sources, which now includes new category data drawn from a collaboration with Nielsen.

WARC Data harmonises all data so that it’s net of discounts, includes agency commission and excludes production costs; aggregates data from media owners, either directly or through industry bodies; verifies all data meticulously prior to publication; and evaluates these data with expert analysis drawn from over 40 years of experience, giving a holistic view of market dynamics.

James McDonald, Managing Editor, WARC Data, comments: “With millions of ad dollars being wasted each year through ineffective marketing, now more than ever before, brands’ budgets need to work harder in the media mix to maximise reach and ultimately increase media effectiveness.

“The thousands of unique insights by category, country and channel available on WARC Data will empower users to make smarter strategic decisions towards creating more effective marketing.

“Furthermore, our unique position in the industry allows us to work with stakeholders directly. As such, we do not rely on modelled or estimated data – we believe our independent and trustworthy data is closer to reality than equivalent data from other sources.”

Matt O’Grady, Nielsen’s Chief Commercial Officer of International Mediaadded: “Through our unique collaboration with WARC, together we have raised the bar of industry standard for net advertising investment. These highly valued industry benchmarks will help make budgets work harder to achieve marketing success.”

The improved WARC Data, covering 19 categories and 97 countries, with over 3,000 dynamically updating charts and more than 50,000 unique insights, offers: Advertising investment: unique insights drawn from Nielsen Ad Intel data provide a new industry-standard for net advertising investment by medium currently in 23 markets (additional markets coming soon) across 19 categories:-          

Categories: alcoholic drinks, automotive, business & industrial, clothing & accessories, financial services, food, household & domestic, leisure & entertainment, media & publishing, non-profit, public sector & education, pharma & healthcare, politics, retails, soft drinks, technology & electronics, telecoms & utilities, tobacco, toiletries & cosmetics, transport & tourism. –          

Markets: Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Indonesia, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Republic of Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States. –          

Media: Newspapers, magazines, TV, Radio, OOH, cinema, internet display. Advertising forecasts: covering 97 markets, including 19 product category projections by medium for 23 markets. 

Benchmarks: ROI and media allocation benchmarks from successful campaigns to improve campaign performance. Media Owner profiles: dynamic charts and datasets – updated quarterly – on media owners to guide understanding of the media landscape. 

Data points: thousands of downloadable, ready-to-use charts and datasets on media spend, costs and consumption by channel, target audience and country (97 markets). Media costs database: media inflation forecasts for 50 markets and historic CPM and GRP data by medium and target audience for 62 markets.

Global Advertising Trends reports: an analysis of key advertising and media investment trends drawing on WARC’s entire range of market data, published monthly with a different focus for each edition.

Exclusive surveys: proprietary WARC survey results pertaining to mobile marketing and martech, as well as WARC’s Global Marketing Index – a monthly barometer of advertising budget growth and trading conditions by region.

WARC Data is part of WARC, which powers the marketing segment by providing rigorous and unbiased evidence, expertise and guidance to make marketers more effective. WARC Data is available by subscription.

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