Malaysian CMO Awards 2019


By Discipline

Best Marketer in
B2B Marketing

This category recognises the marketer who has transformed a space where marketing is usually considered as ‘boring’ to one that is creative and generates positive ROI.

Best Marketer in
SME Marketing

Limited budgets and resources are not a deterrent for our marketer in this category. This category recognises the marketer who has grown their brand in the ever evolving SME landscape.

Best Marketer in
Omni-Channel Marketing

This category recognises the marketer who understands all touchpoints and has effectively created a seamless Omni-channel marketing customer joiurney for his or her brand.

Best Marketer in
Millennial Marketing

It is not easy to understand today’s Snapchat generation but the Marketer who will take home this award knows exactly what makes Millennials tick.

Best Marketer in
e-Commerce Marketing

This category recognises the seasoned e-commerce marketer who has successfully generated profitable interest for their e-commerce brand in a borderless world.

Best Marketer in
Travel & Hospitality Marketing

The travel industry today is more than a glossy ad in a magazine. This category recognises the marketer who understands the travel industry and has produced cutting edge, multi-platform campaigns to inspire today’s travellers. 

Best Marketer in
Sustainable Brand Marketing

This award pays tribute to the marketer who understands and demonstrates the role of brands in pursuit of the definition of a fair and sustainable future.

Best Marketer in
Education & Training Marketing

This category applauds the marketer who has raised the bar in today’s education and training industry with messages that inspire today’s learners to empower their careers with the right education and direction.

Best Marketer in
Media & Content Partnership Marketing

This category accolades the marketer who has utilized the powerful tools of media and content in their campaign executions through smart and valuable partnerships.

Best Marketer in
Customer Experience Marketing

The essence of good marketing lies in how you make your customer feel. This category recognises a marketer who understands this golden rule and has implemented the right strategies to give their customers the best experience.

Best Marketer in
Event & Experiential Marketing

This category recognises a marketer who blends experiential marketing with campaign success. Including landmark events, memorable experiential campaigns with strong ROI results. 

Best Marketer in
Retail & Promotions Marketing

This category recognises a marketer whose sound insight in the retail industry has led to the success of their retail brands while harnessing the power of online retail.

Best Marketer in
Festive Communications Marketing

There is nothing that pulls the heartstrings like a Malaysian festive ad. This category recognises a marketer who has been able to make a lasting impact for their brand through their festive ad campaign.

Best Marketer in
Data & Technology Marketing

This category recognises a marketer who is driven by data and unafraid of exploring new technologies to power their campaigns.

Best Marketer in
Loyalty & Engagement Marketing

Today’s consumers are able to choose between one brand from another in a heartbeat thanks to the rapid evolution of technology. This category recognises a marketer who is able to capture brand loyalty with today’s fickle consumer using path-breaking strategies.

Best Marketer in
Influencer Marketing

KOLs have quickly become an important, sometimes necessary platform for almost every marketing campaign. This category recognises the marketer who has creatively engaged with influencers in campaigns and leveraged their power to produce results.

Best Marketer in
Social Media Marketing

This category recognises the marketer who has been consistent in driving buzz-worthy campaigns on social media. While achieving results that defy the norm.

Best Marketer in
Mobile Marketing

Today’s consumers are able to choose between one brand from another in a heartbeat thanks to the rapid evolution of technology. This category recognises a marketer who is able to capture brand loyalty with today’s fickle consumer using path-breaking strategies.

By Industry

Marketing Trailblazer Award

The  will be bestowed on the marketer who is never afraid to push the boundaries of innovation within their category. This award will go to the brave marketer who has made a difference with fresh thinking and breakthrough work.

  • Marketing Trailblazer - Telco
  • Marketing Trailblazer - Financial Services
  • Marketing Trailblazer - F&B
  • Marketing Trailblazer - Digital
  • Marketing Trailblazer - FMCG
  • Marketing Trailblazer - Media & Entertainment

Rising Marketing Star

The Rising Marketing Star is awarded to the most promising young marketer under 30 who is making waves in the local industry with ground-breaking ideas, strong strategic skills and has a tenacious will to grow in this industry.

  • Rising Marketing Star - Financial Services
  • Rising Marketing Star - Telco
  • Rising Marketing Star - F&B
  • Rising Marketing Star - FMCG
  • Rising Marketing Star - Media & Entertainment

Malaysian CMO of The Year 2019 (no entries required)

There can only be one! This coveted award honors the marketer who checks all the boxes. The judges will be selecting the deserving winner for this award and will be looking for a leader who has pushed the boundaries and shown the way for new posssibilites. The true game-changer!

Deadline for Entries

25 October 2019

Nomination Form

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Nominations are accepted for client-side senior marketers including CMO/VP/GM/Head of Advertising/Marketing/Retail/Data/Digital in brand marketing. Nominations for Rising Stars are for candidates 30 years and below.
Name of nominee (if not for self, please ensure nominee approves)*
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PROFILE OF NOMINEE (200-words brief career profile of nominee)*
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BUSINESS RESULTS (30% score): Share how nominee’s business has performed in 2018 and 2019 – in terms of share growth, revenue growth and profitability (300 words):*
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MARKETING CASE STUDY (30% score): Share nominee’s best case study from a recent marketing campaign in the last 12 months
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Strategy (200 words)*
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Execution (300 words)*
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Results (300 words)*
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THE TEAM (20% score): What has nominee done to build the best marketing team possible, including training, recruitment, structure and results (300 words):*
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AWARDS (20% score): Any marketing or advertising awards won in 2018 and 2019 (list a maximum of 10 pertinent ones): *
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OTHER INFO: Are there any other things you want us to know about your submission? (200 words, if video please include YouTube link):*
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Entry Guidelines:

There is no entry fee for nominations. One person can be nominated for a maximum of four categories, but each submission has to be in a separate Nomination Form each time. Please note this is not a popular choice contest, each nomination per category will be considered as one submission no matter how many times the person is nominated. For duplicate submissions, the one submitted first will be accepted.

All decisions by judges are final, and with the rapid pace industry categories are evolving, judges may opt to create or modify category classifications to recognize deserving submissions.  

And where the judges see fit, they may decide on Special Mention or Merit (Silver) awards if they find deserving nominees. This is in addition to the top award in the categories.

A high-res photograph of the nominee must be emailed to [email protected].

You can also download the Entry Form here and email your submission to [email protected].

Winners will be revealed on Nov 15, 2019. The CMO Awards Evening will be held on November 15, after the Malaysian CMO Conference on the same day.

Nominations who do not win will remain confidential at all times.
Download the nominations form pdf here:

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