Your chance to meet two trailblazing CMOs in your own home – register now

The next, highly anticipated CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) Roundtable is now open for registration.

MARKETING magazine is bringing into your home Eugene Lee, Regional Director of McDonald’s and Graham Lim, Director of Marketing at F&N Beverages Marketing Sdn Bhd for our CMO Roundtable on May 6 at 4pm.

The topic of discussion for this session is Sponsorship and experiential marketing: How to execute and what to consider now and post-MCO?

Both McDonald’s and F&N are the epitome of successful marketing case studies that Malaysians simply cannot forget. Whether it is brand strategizing, a rollout campaign for new products or the relaunching of existing products for brand rejuvenation, these CMOs know what it takes to give their consumers an experience that ties back to their brand. 

Remember the Ayam Goreng McD relaunch that had us craving the spicy fried chicken all over again? Or the D24 Durian McFlurry that had everyone curious enough to at least give it a try? These nationally acclaimed campaigns are just some of Eugene’s successes before becoming Regional Marketing Director (Asia Business Unit) at McDonald’s. 

How do you launch a beverage successfully when everyone’s asked to stay at home? Graham’s team showed us how when they launched F&N’s ‘Teh Tarik Ori’ virtually via Zoom and even made it to the Malaysia Book of Records for most number of participants in virtual ‘Teh Tarik’ Mamak Session with over 600 attendees. 

Both our  speakers for this session are without a doubt, leading the charge in the new wave of Malaysian marketing leaders.

Register now to be join this session. 50% of your registration fee will be donated to MERCY Malaysia’s COVID-19 fund channeled to support our frontliners during this trying period.

MERCY Malaysia will also be issuing tax exemption receipts to all those who register.

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