Astro’s comedic ingredients spice up Ayam Goreng McD!

11 months ago

Ayam Goreng McD leverages on Malaysia’s Laughter generators for a comedic twist

The fifth case study in the ‘Winning Partnership Series’ discusses how Astro leveraged on its strong platform to push Ayam Goreng McDonald’s as the top fried chicken contender. This campaign won gold at The Sparks Awards 2018 under the Best Media Solution – Experiential category.
The challenge was how to keep the success crunching on for McDonald’s to become Malaysia’s top fried chicken choice?


The marketing objective of McDonald’s was to increase sales and position Ayam Goreng McD as one of the top leaders in the fried chicken category in Malaysia. McDonald’s Malaysia closed 2017 with a +25% sales growth versus 2016.


The challenge faced was how to ensure Ayam Goreng McD as the preferred choice for year-end occasions such as gatherings, reunions and parties.


McDonald’s year-end campaign aim was to increase their market share by being the first choice that came to mind with consumers especially during year-end celebrations.


Year-ends were special times when families and people unite for memorable gatherings and parties.


One of the major fried chicken consumers in Malaysia are the Malays and Astro’s advantage is their strong base of Malay audience with 93% household penetration.
Astro also holds an advantage by being the main platform for Malay comedy shows. Additionally, Astro also owns a few of the most prominent comedy franchises with Sepahtu Reunion being one of the most influential and well-received programmes.
Astro has previously produced a string of high rated comedy shows with a strong following. Examples:

  • Maharaja Lawak Mega with 4.9 million followers
  • Super Spontan 2017 with a 4.3 million reach
  • Gegar Lawak 2018 with 3.9 million reach
  • Sepahtu Reunion Live 2017 clinched 4.6 million followers.


The objective was to increase sales growth and position Ayam Goreng McD as one of the top leaders in the fried chicken segment in Malaysia during the year-end.


Astro leveraged on the humour and comedic approach by using Malaysia’s well-known laughter generators ‘Sepahtu’ to create different yet relatable consumption occasions to show Malaysians can all share Ayam Goreng McD together.
The product was positioned at all times as a good time catalyst. This was demonstrated through two forms of execution:

  • Branded capsules depicting different occasions – reunions/ reconciliations/celebration/ parties
  • Integrating Ayam Goreng McD in the Sepahtu Reunion Live Show.


Astro strategically positioned customized capsules of the Sepahtu comedic gang consuming Ayam Goreng McD via TV spots.
Astro leveraged on Sepahtu Reunion Live Show’s storyline to bring up the idea of sharing a box of Ayam Goreng McD. In the end, the entire recording studio including audience were presented the opportunity to share the delicious crunch of Ayam Goreng McD together.


Sepahtu Reunion Live Show integration by serving Ayam Goreng McD to the live audience. During the Sepahtu Reunion episode featuring McDonald’s, the incorporated theme was family reunion and gatherings. The notion of celebrations and gathering was brought up at the end of the episode when the casts served Ayam Goreng McD to ease the situation, thus making it a happy moment for everyone.
Branded capsule
Three branded capsules featuring Sepahtu were ran on Astro’s Malay channels to reach maximum frequency:

  1. The first capsule showcased how Ayam Goreng McD helps ease an awkward situation in the office and how it connected colleagues together.
  2. The second capsule showcased how Ayam Goreng McD played the role as a catalyst in easing misunderstanding between two teams at the football field.
  3. The third capsule showcased that a birthday party is simply not complete without the presence of Ayam Goreng McD.


By weaving the Ayam Goreng McD seamlessly into the storyline, Astro showcased how the product is loved by everyone. This in return creates a fear of missing out (FOMO) leaving consumers eager to get their hands on the chicken as well.


Client Sales
During the duration of this campaign, McDonald’s staked first position. An increase in the market share was also observed as McDonald’s sales had increased by 59% versus base after the campaign. McDonald’s set new sales records achieved the highest monthly sales ever in history during their promotion month.
Media Deliverables
The Sepahtu Reunion capsule reached 241 spots, 7 million viewers (total individuals) and 6.7million (Malay viewers). In total, the Sepahtu Reunion programme garnered 4.6 million viewers. Within a short period of time, McDonald’s was able to achieve maximum impact with target audience of Malay consumers while cementing the association of consumption of Ayam Goreng McD with year end gatherings and reunions resulting in great sales.