The world’s biggest asshole

World Kindness Day is observed internationally on 13 November.
And this campaign reminds us to be kind. It won 10 Lions at Cannes Lions 2017.
People are usually only prompted to become an organ donor when they get and renew their drivers license, but with license renewals moving online, failure to register people during their initial DMV visit means they may never think about becoming a donor again. It’s one signature.

One time. But getting that signature from a missing audience (millennial men) means trying new ways of communication. Hence “The World’s Biggest Asshole” campaign.
The video opens to establish the main character, Coleman F. Sweeney.

We follow Coleman in his seemingly average life and see just how big of an asshole he is – honking at old people walking across the street, shooting paintballs at dogs, throwing bottles of piss out of a truck window.

He is a disgusting human no matter how you look at it.

Everyone hates Coleman as much as he hates them. But then he has a heart attack, well subarachnoid hemorrhage, and dies. It is then that we see that Coleman was a registered organ donor.

No one knows what inspired him to do it – but he did. Upon his death, his organs and tissues went on to save and improve the lives of many others.

Coleman proved that even an asshole can save a life.
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