The Day the KL Convention Centre shook

When Astro held their QUAKE event about ‘winning the future’ at the KL Convention Centre on Oct 11, they shook more than the  prevailing mindsets of marketers and industry leaders about Content. More than 500 key industry players graced the event that showcased stellar speakers from Disney, Amazon and also some global award-winning surprises. 

Henry Tan, Chief Operating Officer of Astro, kickstarted the show with a hard look at “Marketing in a seismic world”. He shared that TV/Video is still the most persuasive medium but lamented that the way it is researched, measured and reported is obsolete. He reminded guests that in the age of Disruption, marketing must reinvent and lead. And that ‘digital zombies’ were leading marketers up the wrong path.

His mantra rang loud and clear: “Let us help futureproof your marketing with the smart use of riveting content and relevant data.”

Tom Batchelor, GM of Studio Entertainment SEA of The Walt Disney Company, gave a presentation on how Disney, as the World’s No. 1 Entertainment Company, is reimagining content. Tom worked on some of the world’s biggest hits including  Harry Potter, Dark Knights, Hobbit, Star Wars, Beauty and the Beast, The Jungle Book… 

With a content heritage spanning more than nine decades, Disney remains an iconic global success in content marketing till this day. Tom shared how blending the right amount of the past with the present can allow an innovative progression for a memorable content universe.

Malaysia’s very own Global Award-winning Film Director, Chiu Keng Guan, the man behind box office hits like The Journey & Ola Bola gave a very warm and very personal account of how looking at life through the lens of consumers inspires him. His humility endeared him to the audience, and they gave his a rousing standing ovation when he finished.

Eric Tachibana, Innovation Expert & Area Practice Manager for Asia at Amazon Web Services, excited the crowd with his talk about borderless digital content. He shared the infrastructure that fuels content and how respecting the customer’s context of time, space, and device makes marketing more receptive and lean. 

Sejeong Jang of Studio Dragon, the leading media content creator in Korea, explained how they applied innovation and creativity with quantitative mapping for storytelling to drive the fastest growing cultural phenomenon in the world: the Korean Wave which ushered a tidal wave of fan euphoria never seen before.

Chris Jaques, CEO of The Reputation Partnership spoke about Big Data’s Killer App and that the temptation of blindly following the data craze is a marketing folly. He busted a few assumptions of marketers with some blunt truths:

– Consumers don’t share true feelings online. 

– 85% of Word of Mouth happens offline. 

– Algorithms are created by humans based on an inherent point of view, prejudice or assumption. 

– Management must control the biases that shape algorithms, not Data Scientists. 

Chris also demonstrated how ‘so-called’ digital giants screwed up big time: Microsoft ‘Tay’ Chatbot, IBM’s Watson-driven Alex da Kid’s Real Hits, Uber’s Dynamic Pricing flaws and Google’s Flu Trends. 

So who is Big Data’s Killer App? YOU!

Astro’s latest influencer marketing outfit Rocketfuel Entertainment also hit the stage with local stars Hisyam Hamid, Hafiz Suip and Lisa Surihani, led by Rocketfuel’s Admiral – the charming Moots of Pop Shuvit fame.

Harith Iskandar, the Godfather of Stand-Up Comedy in Malaysia, wrapped up the event with his trademark humour while summarising the speakers’ key takeaways with pure wit.

There was much to think and talk about after Astro’s QUAKE 2017 event, and the dazzled audience ended up chatting and debating the highlights well past the cocktail hour.


Astro eGG Network’s Yubin rocked the stage taking about the new craze of Hologram Live concerts. eGG is South East Asia’s first 24/7 eSports & gaming entertainment network and broadcasts electronic games tournaments Live around the world.

Henry Tan left no stone unturned as he trekked through Fandom 360.

Disney’s Tom Batchelor framed how content and global fame went hand in hand. 

Sejeong Jang of Studio Dragon explained why Koren content is so addictive worldwide. 

Audience favourite and multi-award winning film director, Chiu Keng Guan, spoke about how the spirit of Malaysia Boleh helped him make the impossible possible. 

Hisyam Hamid (back), Lisa Surihani (in shades) and Hafiz Suip (front) from the Rocketfuel Entertainment family together with Stormtroopers surprised the guests in sleek style.

Amazon’s Eric Tachibana, a serial entrepreneur who has inspired countless minds, said “you don’t need to become a hardcore techie in order to be a great marketer”. 

The Reputation Partnership’s Chris Jaques sizzled on stage. 

Harith Iskandar closed the afternoon with the audience in stitches. 

The calm before the storm at the KL Convention Centre. 

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