TGV Cinemas and Redberry Ambient enters into a new partnership


TGV Cinemas and Redberry Ambient recently announced a strategic, ‘One Team One Stop Solution’. The new change comes after 4 years of Redberry Ambient working on selling TGV’s on-screen media and TGV Cinemas specialising in selling their public service announcements and other off-screen media.

The renewed partnership managed by Redberry Ambient will give clients a one stop solution for buying all media assets of TGV Cinemas, on-screen and off-screen, under one team
“We recognised that media agencies & clients saw blurred lines when Redberry Ambient and TGV Cinemas both go to market,” said Tho Tuck Woh, Managing Director of Redberry Ambient. 
Tho added, “This way, moving forward leverages the strengths and resources of our partner TGV Cinemas and the media expertise of the Redberry Media Group of Companies.”
Gerald V. Dibbayawan, Chief Executive Officer for TGV Cinemas, echoes Tho’s sentiments. He highlighted, “The one team sales partnership presented an opportunity for both parties to leverage each other’s expertise & forte, which will create a win-win situation for the advertisers. This will also create room for both partners to offer innovative selling and offer attractive media packages for clients.”
Gerald added, “Redberry Ambient had been with us since 2013 and have grown with us in terms of media sales. At that time it was only 19 cinema locations. Today, we are 34. Having proven their mettle, we have no reservations to let Redberry Ambient handle the entire media assets of TGV Cinemas.”
TGV Cinemas to date has 270 halls, 34 locations including Sarawak and is soon to be expanding in Sabah. TGV Cinemas is the fastest growing cinema chain and offers a unique variety of halls for a cinematic experience.

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