Reprise & AIA bring ‘Ong’ to Malaysians

Reprise Digital, the full-service integrated communications agency within the IPG Mediabrands network was engaged by leading insurer, AIA Malaysia to release a festive Chinese New Year (CNY) short film.

The film titled ‘The Ong-ly Way to Prosper’ sees a grandfather giving financial advice to three of his grandchildren; sending them on a mission to identify Chinese proverbs that will help them preserve their family wealth.

Due to the grandchildren’s’ lack of cultural understanding, they repeatedly fail to accurately identify the meaning of the proverbs, despite various comical attempts.

The film however ends with the grandchildren finally comprehending the true meaning of these sayings and the impact it would have on their lives.
Amir Faiz, Group Creative Director of Reprise said, “The film was based on the insight of millennials and Gen Z’s living for today and not tomorrow. Alongside this, there is a well- known Chinese saying that wealth will not pass three generations. We took this opportunity to educate Malaysians in a quirky way, that the answer to wealth preservation lies within the CNY greetings they say every year.”

The film features three proverbs that are typically used as greetings during the CNY period, to wish family and friends health, wealth and a prosperous year ahead.

“These proverbs symbolise the important elements that make life better and healthier and reflects what AIA stands for. The team cleverly turned these around for steps to living a prosperous life: Plan Well, Save Well and Live Well,” added Amir.

Heng Zee Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of AIA Bhd. added, “This year, we wanted to inject some light-heartedness into our Chinese New Year greeting but at the same time highlight the importance of inculcating good financial habits. The Chinese culture has many sayings for many different occasions, and this was our way of appreciating and sharing the forgotten wisdom of these proverbs.

As a leading insurer in the health and wealth space, we look to
demonstrate our mission of helping Malaysians live Healthier, Longer and Better Lives, through a simple yet fun anecdote on financial planning.”

The film was directed by Darrel Tan and produced by Passion Pictures. It will run for one month across social and digital platforms.

Chan Ming Yen: Associate Director, Brand & Digital Marketing
Dennis Foo: Senior Manager, Digital Marketing
Ong Luei Hann: Senior Associate, Digital Marketing
Choy May Yee: Brand Manager
Kristen San: Brand Manager
Creative Directors: Amir Faiz, Eddy Nazarullah
Copywriter: Laura Lim, Jazelia Jasmene
Art Director: Ng Yao Ding, Faridzul Hafizi
Designer: Arifin Razak
Producers: Denis Gonsalvez, Sheikh Munasar
Associate Account Director: NoorHajar Yusof
Account Manager: Loke Sau Mun
Others: Zaulin Kartini
Passion Pictures:
Film Director: Darrel Tan Hyon Le
Producer: Zureen Zulkifli
Photography Studio: Wizard Photography

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