Vote your favourite Chinese New Year TV Commercials 2020

Your vote will decide the top 20 CNY TVCs. Each time the festive season rolls around, Malaysians can expect to see moving commercials from corporate giants.

MARKETING magazine has listed the top Chinese New Year commercials for the year 2020.

1SetiaSetia CNY TVC 2020 | The Many Celebrations
2Watsons MalaysiaOfficial MV Watsons CNY 2020 – Happy Beautiful Year! 过靓年, 我最潮!
3Tesco MalaysiaToday’s a Good Day to Pray [Tesco Semua Ong Mali 2020]
4RHB GroupRHB Chinese New Year 2020: Heart Baker
5Mr DIYMR.DIY CNY 2020 – The Gifts Unnoticed 看不见的用心
6MaxisMaxis CNY 2020 – The Most Unforgettable Chinese New Year 忆起过年
7Prudential Malaysia‘Noodle Noob’
8SingtelHis Grandfather’s Road
9GrabCNY 2020: HUATever you want, Grab got!
10Daikin MalaysiaDaikin CNY 2020 : The Twins 龙凤胎
11Coway MalaysiaCoway CNY 2020 : 小小期盼 – Tiny Prayer
12Hong Leong BankHLBCNY2020 – The Grown Ups’ Table
13Ribena MalaysiaRibena CNY 2020: 新年新紫味 Celebrate The Ribena Way
14EcoWorld#在一起就是年 #Togethernessishappiness
15Panadol Malaysia2020 Panadol Chinese New Year Short Film
16AdidasAdidas 新年造萬象 – Adidas 2020 CNY
17JD ComForbidden City Celebrates Its Chinese Festival Online with JD
18Gamuda Land#GamudaLand CNY 2020 – Giving Hope, Receiving Joy {施比受更有福}
19AppleShot on iPhone 11 Pro — Chinese New Year — Daughter
20NikeNike Chinese New Year 2020
21Tenaga Nasional BerhadTNB CNY 2020 – #RealityNotVirtual
22EtiqaEtiqa CNY 2020 – Little Popo
23PeroduaAnnual Rush Rush | Perodua CNY 2020
24Yakult MalaysiaBEST Fengshui for 2020 《鼠尽家中宝,哪个风水是最好》
25Taylor’s Education GroupProsperity Starts with Education
26Tiger BeerYear of Rat
27Coca ColaLet Coca-Cola Surround Your Home With Prosperity And Happiness.
28MSIGMSIG presents a Chinese New Year message for 2020
29AIAThe Ong-ly Way to Prosper
30AirAsiaAirAsia Chinese New Year 2020 | The Boy & The Lion ???
31Digi TelecommunicationsHome
32DuitNowDuitNow For Good Luck CNY 2020 – 速速回水 还钱就兴 #ChukChukWuiSui
33F&NWhen Tech Meets Tradition
34IPC Shopping CentreThe Year of Jack Chow
35KFCKFC Celebration Bucket – Pop the Awkward
36LenovoTailored for You
37MaybankMaybank MYStories CNY ‘Reunion’
38PanasonicSek Bao Mei 食饱未
39PetronasBao Bei
41DairyMilkCadbury Dairy Milk Malaysia: Chinese New Year
42OreoOreo CNY
43Jacobs MalaysiaJacob’s Celebrates Original Malaysian Traditions
44Oldtown Golden Feasts for a Prosperous CNY 2020
45Hennesy MalaysiaRenewal of Hope: New Cycle, New Tradition
46EastspringMYCNY 2020: Ways to counter nosy questions this Chinese New Year
47Celcom AxiataCelcom Chinese New Year 2020 – A Time for All
48CuckooCUCKOO SAMASAMA Promotion 有福齐齐享
51100PLUS MalaysiaHealth, Wealth & Love Awaits This CNY with 100PLUS!
52Astro 本地圈ASTRO 2020 贺岁主题曲 – 【好运鼠于你】MV 完整版

What are you waiting for? Vote for your favourite Chinese New Year commercial here now!

CLOSING DATE: 30 January 2020

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