Ranga Somanathan and Ravi Bhaya launch new venture

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Industry stalwarts join forces and take a plunge into the start-up ecosystem

Ranga Somanathan(left in picture) and Ravi Bhaya(right in picture), have launched RSquared Global Ventures (R2GV) with a vision of enabling businesses in the areas of Data, Tech, Content and Media scale across geographies and audience segments.

To bring this to life, R2GV has designed 3 practices, namely, [email protected] to enter into joint-venture partnerships, [email protected] by means of growth consultancy and lastly, [email protected], where they aim to build disruptive solutions from the ground up. With rapid industrialisation and technology, we believe that humans have solved the insufficiency problem of the world. This has resulted in an abundance of solutions, especially in the AdTech & MarTech space, and for consumers and end-users, creating clutter and confusion to key stakeholders.

In an era of abundance, our ambition is to curate meaningful solutions that address Quality, Accountability and Transparency”, said Ranga Somanathan, Co-Founder and Curator at R2GV. “As the pandemic hit us in early 2020, the message we were receiving from leaders across the industry was to leverage our global experiences and embrace the opportunity to create something meaningful. We espoused the same belief and gathered the courage to venture into the deep end of the start-up ecosystem.

Ravi Bhaya, Co-Founder and Curator, who is currently based in Munich, Germany, added that “as the name suggests, the ambition is to have a global footprint. Ranga and I have worked together and individually at some of the world’s largest media, digital and communication networks. We have worn multiple management hats, held regional roles including physical footprints in APAC, Africa and Europe enriching us with reach and relationships to enable businesses to scale.” “We are already working with a spectrum of ventures in the Content, MarTech, Retail and the EduTech space. With competencies honed in the area of Media, Tech, Content and Data, we will typically be operating across these sectors.” Moreover, he said, “we are in the midst of developing our Advisory Board which will consist of Industry leaders, our Venture partners as well as Subject matter experts who are keen to embark on this journey with us” he said.

With who they consider as key competitors, Ranga envisions seeing the world through the lens of ‘collaborative commons’ versus ‘competitors’. “As such, we don’t feel we are competing with others but ourselves. We get our inspiration from organisations like Disney and Apple who have been amazing at curating meaningful experiences.

From the marketing services sector, we are inspired by what S4 has achieved, in the digital space, we’ve looked at the knowledge and expertise that BCGDV brings to their ventures and also Rocket Internet, based in Berlin, who have scaled businesses across the globe” he added. Ranga shared that “we are driven by our purpose of curating quality companies in the area of Data, Tech, Content and Media.” “While we will champion Asian companies and take them global, we’ll also be looking to bring best-in-class solutions from the US and Europe to Asia” said Ravi.

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