QR Code in the sky: : 1,500 drones used to celebrate game anniversary in China (VIDEO)

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To celebrate the anniversary of “Princess Connect: Re Drive,” a Japanese role-playing game that debuted on Feb.15, 2018, 1,500 drones were used to create a colossal QR code in the skies of Shanghai, the commerce capital of China.

Cygames, developer of the video game, along with Bili Bili Click created a Blade Runner-like cinematic experience for the players of their game Princess Connect Re:Dive as part of its anniversary special and the formation of the QR code in the sky was executed at the end of the show. The drone service provider behind this feat was EHCross.

During the event, the drones synchronically took off to the skies and took the form of the Princess Connect Re:Dive characters like Labyrista, Hiyori, Chika, and Kyuoka to narrate how the game works in dotted form in the sky where the heroes fight the monsters.

Before ending the show, the drones then gathered at the center of the Shanghai sky and formed a scannable QR code for players to scan and open the game.

Watch the drone show below, courtesy of QRTiger:

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