Proton launches the 1-Tank Adventure

See the wonders of Malaysia on just a single tank of fuel

Ever wondered how far you can go on just one tank of fuel? Malaysians face a vexing question; which cars offer the best combination of economical, practical, and safety features while being affordable as well.

To answer this definitively, PROTON is calling on all public to search for the answers together.

From 17 July to 5 August 2018, the PROTON 1-Tank Adventure will be held across Malaysia together with media, key opinion leaders, celebrities and members of the public to experience the driving performance of selected Proton models as well as to explore Malaysia’s beautiful scenery, culture and delicious cuisine with just one tank of fuel.

A Fun Adventure across Malaysia

PROTON’s best-selling models namely the Persona, Saga and Iriz are set to venture to 5 different regions – Central, East Coast, East Malaysia, Southern and Northern. Winners from each region will then compete in the finals for the title of PROTON 1-Tank Adventure champion.

What makes the PROTON 1-Tank Adventure different from traditional fuel-saving competitions is that it invites participants to explore Malaysia under normal driving condition with just one tank of fuel, while experiencing PROTON cars.

Therefore, it’s an adventure for all the senses.

Additionally, participants are required to drive standard cars and cannot remove any safety items (i.e. the spare tyre) in order to achieve their targeted fuel mileage.

In fact, everyone is encouraged to drive freely with the air-conditioning on and under normal driving conditions to capture a real time fuel performance that will be verified by Malaysia Speed Festival (MSF), an independent 3rd party to add credibility to the judging.

3 in 1: Control, Safety, and Fuel Performance with PROTON

Besides demonstrating fuel performance, this event offers dynamic driving activities where participants can experience the superior handling of PROTON cars and first-hand experience of active and passive safety performance.
The 3 cars that are featured in the event are as follows:

Saga: Save, Stable, Spacious

Proton Saga is spacious and it comes with Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Traction Control (TC) system, giving it an outstanding driving experience (compared to its competitors in the same category, the driving performance ensures great driving experience, stability at high-speed cornering; leading to better safety) and value for money with low maintenance cost which is an important consideration for the consumers.

Persona:Power, Practicality, Proven Safety

Persona has internationally recognized ASEAN NCAP 5 star ratings with its outstanding safety which includes Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Traction Control (TC), 6 airbags and body structure made with HPF technology.

It offers spacious interior with a 510L boot space, and practicality with keyless entry and reverse camera.

Competitively priced in its category, the Persona is equipped with 1.6VVT engine that ensure powerful performance for great driving experience.

Iriz: Reinforced Safety, Responsive Driving, Refined Design

Iriz presents a tough and sturdy characteristic with its body structure made with HPF as well as other advanced technology equipment including Electronic Stability Control (ESC) and Hill Start Assist that is standard across all variants.

In terms of performance, Iriz is equipped with 1.3L and 1.6L VVT engine, which has proven outstanding drivability through the Sepang 1000km race.

Additionally, Iriz offers design that cater to youths with its distinctive floating roof design that catches people’s attention.

For interior, the steering, upholstery and carpet mat with fine tailoring technology and striking colour combination accentuate its sportiness.

Now, it is equipped with a new meter display and multi-touch infotainment display system as well as glossy finish for its gear and dashboard that uplift the fine design in the interior.

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