Power up from home while helping fundraise for MERCY Malaysia

MARKETING magazine Malaysia has launched a breakthrough learning package for our industry using the digital platform. The concept brings Malaysian Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) who will share their learnings plus an interactive rapid-fire Q&A format, over an hour-long CMO Roundtable session. 

These CMO Roundtable sessions are designed for peer knowledge transfer and capacity up-skilling using the vantage point and experiences of the CMOs themselves.

Essentially, it is today’s discussion for tomorrow’s events. How are the key players reacting to 2020? What are the opportunities we could leverage on? These sessions will discuss pointed questions that investigate the paradigm shift facing the world in 2020. 

At the same time, all participants, CMOs and hosts will be helping MERCY Malaysia’s front liners because we all realise we are nothing if we do not help the front liners in whatever we do in the coming months.

Each CMO Roundtable will follow the following format:

5 minutes – moderator introduction

15 minutes – speaker 1

15 minutes – speaker 2

25 minutes – rapid fire Q&A 

Price per participant is only RM200 and half of the proceeds will be donated to MERCY Malaysia, who will issue tax-exempt receipts for all participants. Names of participants and companies who sign-up for these all-win sessions will be published on marketingmagazine.com.my

Week 1 

CMO Roundtable 1: Conversational marketing

Now is a great time to include conversational in your strategy and using it right will determine customer satisfaction and even loyalty. The current #StayAtHome situation we find ourselves in makes it even more crucial for a more human approach. This session will talk you through ways you can be more conversational with prospects, clients and even within your own team.

  • How are you making the most of personalisation to engage with the consumer? 
  • Are you tailoring and aligning your messaging with the mood of the times now? 
  • Is new data helping you shape brand-consumer conversations? Please share what/how….
  • What metrics define brand success in creative messaging and media during MCO? 
  • Brandworthy vs Trustworthy: what are the challenges when consumers’ attention span is fleeting?
  • Do you see a silver lining at the end of the dark clouds for brands?

CMO Roundtable 2: Business Continuity from Home

A lot of companies experience downtime, during which business continuity is essential. However, what happens when the downtime is prolonged longer than what a business is prepared for? Does it then become out of your control or can your decisions determine your control?

  • What are the emerging issues across brands due to COVID-19 now? 
  • How do you manage leadership, team continuity and its challenges? 
  • Have you a new SOP when coordinating with media and agencies now? 
  • What are your product and messaging distribution strategies moving forward? 
  • Can you share brand solutions you found to be effective during MCO
  • What trends you expect to see post-MCO in your product category? 

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The APPIES is an annual event that presents a rare opportunity for creative, media, digital and marketing agencies or brands to present their best campaigns to the industry.

This is the only event where Live Presentations meets Live Judging.

Similar to TED Talks, The APPIES is the chance for great presenters with outstanding work to show it off to some of the industry’s most important industry leaders.

This year’s winners will receive Gold, Silver or Bronze trophies for 21 categories, and 6 special Best of Best categories (red trophies) that require no submissions!

Campaign entries must have run between June 2023 to May 2024

Submissions Deadline
30th June 2024

APPIES Festival – Judging & Presentations
11th – 12th July 2024 (Malaysia)


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