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Mohd Shahrizal Abdul Rahim
Head of Creative Solution & Commercial Production
Astro Media Solutions

An award-winning documentary producer, turned Creative Solutions strategist, Shah uses his storytelling prowess to connect brands with audiences. Leading a team of diverse backgrounds of multiple races and ages gives him an upper hand in understanding the dynamics of Malaysia’s complex multiracial society. He uses these nuances in crafting the right content strategy to engage crowds and turn brands into the hero of their stories.

His content expertise enables Astro Media Solutions to activate end-to-end integrated creative solutions further amplifying it across Astro’s transmedia ecosystem. The content is extremely sharable on social media cutting across native advertising; reality shows; bite sized series; advertorials; real time social media conversations; songs and music videos; and ground activations that allow the audience to stay engaged, informed and entertained while effectively achieving business goals.

Since its inception in 2010, Creative Solutions has grown over 450% in revenue with over 900 campaigns across diverse brands in the market.

This boy straddling his bike is an extraordinary storyteller and grew up to generate amazing content. During the 2004 Acheh tsunami  catastrophe, Shah stepped up to the plate and produced an award-winning documentary.

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