Keeping Chinese New Year Traditions alive in a cashless and safe way with Touch ‘n Go eWallet

With the re-implementation of the movement control order, families are bracing for a muted Chinese New Year – one without their family members and friends.

Malaysians are embracing the new normal and adapting to the fact that celebrations will not be the same. However, despite the limitations, we can still keep the tradition of giving out angpows alive.

Angpows or red packets have been synonymous with the Chinese culture, given out by elders as gifts to the young and unmarried during Chinese New Year as well as weddings, birthdays, and special occasions. To liven up this year’s Chinese New Year, Touch ‘n Go eWallet wishes to ensure this angpow giving tradition continues. Therefore, Touch ‘n Go eWallet is bringing back its eAngpow feature for the second year, providing users a convenient way of transferring money to family members, friends and loved ones near and far.

Step by step to eAngpow.

Through technology advancement, this modern way of gifting provides the rakyat an accessible solution to keep with tradition while overcoming the limitations of travel. Users may transfer the preferred amount to any friend and family across Malaysia, at any time of the day without any added or hidden fee. Users simply need to launch their eWallet, tap on transfer, select a recipient, enter the preferred amount, type a greeting and hit the confirm key to transfer. Greetings are available in English, BM or Chinese to suit the need of every user. With the eAngpow, tradition is maintained albeit in a cashless manner. It is a safe option for users to show that they still care during this pandemic and they may send eAngpows to connect with their loved ones from now until 27 February 2021.

As Chinese New Year lasts for 15 days, the rakyat can continue shopping for groceries, clothes, decoration items, food and gifts via the eWallet. As more transactions are done online, the Touch ‘n Go eWallet users get to embark on The Goal Hunter CNY edition, which introduces users to the Fatt Choy Angpow, a festive version of Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s cashback voucher. It offers a much wider reward range, up to RM288 and is available for users throughout the month of February. A transaction as low as RM10 earns users a stamp. With two stamps, users may select a reward of their choice from a pool of over 20 vouchers. One user may claim up to five cashback vouchers a month, which essentially gives them five tries at the Fatt Choy Angpow’s largest denomination. For users looking to complete their reunion dinner spread, they may order groceries or food and get them
delivered by Touch ‘n Go eWallet’s food delivery partners namely EASI (formerly known as Hungry), Runningman, The Lorry, Riding Pink, MULA Eats, and BungkusIT which award free yee sang to the lucky users as well as a chance to win a lucky draw (valued at up to RM888).

“Chinese New Year is a representation of the Malaysian culture. Though it is often associated with visits and gatherings with family members, it is different this time, but it does not mean Malaysians should disconnect from each other. Instead, switching to a digital platform such as Touch ‘n Go eWallet, serves a similar purpose of connecting and re-connecting with loved ones in a #lebihsafe, banyaktradition and #ekstraconvenient way,” said Ignatius Ong, Chief Executive Officer, TNG Digital.

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