JobStreet by SEEK ‘wows’ HR Leaders at ‘Forward Together’ event

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Pictured: SEEK Chief Executive Officer Peter Bithos (right) and Chief Operating Officer Lewis Ng (left) captivated the audience with insights into the employment market.

JobStreet by SEEK took Malaysian partners on a journey to the future during a spectacular event, Forward Together, held last Friday, 24th June 2022 in Kuala Lumpur.

The purpose of the event was to better prepare organisations for the ever-changing landscape of job markets, while also unveiling latest solutions and innovations that would enable them to be ‘future ready’. In other words, it is about JobStreet empowering local organisations with the flexibility to effectively navigate the ever-shifting sands of the evolving job market.

JobStreet is a subsidiary of SEEK, a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed. With a strong presence across the Asia-Pacific region, SEEK encompasses a strong portfolio in employment, education and volunteer businesses.

SEEK Asia Chief Executive Officer Peter Bithos described the group as a ‘purpose-driven one’. 

“For over 20 years, we have worked hard to serve you and thousands of other partners like you,” Peter said. “As we journey together ahead as your trusted talent partner, we understand the need to connect deeper and deliver more value to help you navigate through the changing employment market landscape ahead.”

Peter was accompanied by Chief Operating Officer Lewis Ng and the duo shared with the audience about the future of the employment marketplace and its implications to organisations, how SEEK is evolving with the market and what organisations can expect from Asia’s leading employment group, together with the new flexible packages that the group would be offering in the near future.

On the Covid-19 pandemic, Peter described it not as just a ‘temporary disruptor’ but also a ‘permanent accelerator’.

“Covid is not over, and market uncertainties continue,” said Peter. “Job growth is strong, but the labour market is short. In addition, skill gaps are real and there is a need to look inward and outward.”

“Employees were risk averse to change, but gradually built back confidence. However, there is still a lack of labour supply in the market.”

As a result, there is great pressure on HR departments. The solution? JobStreet, which is also evolving with the times.

“We are candidates’ first choice career platform, and this means being an effective employment marketplace for you,” said Peter. “We are your trusted partner here in Malaysia and across Asia.”

Solutions offered that add value for organisations include global ATS compatibility, access to global candidates, budget flexibility, fair pricing, refined artificial intelligence and market intelligence with latest insights for organisations to make informed decisions.

What’s more, organisations can look forward to more innovations from SEEK and JobStreet in the months ahead. They include new flexible packages, more holistic HR solutions, a revolutionary platform called SeekMAX, role-based pricing, and a unified platform for seamless sourcing.

vic jobstreet event seek
Vic Sithasanan, Managing Director, JobStreet Malaysia

JobStreet Malaysia Managing Director Vic Sithasanan took the floor next and delivered an enlightening session on Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) and the need for organisations to embrace ESG policies.

“We aim to also lead by example with the goal that SEEK’s operations would be carbon neutral by year end,” said Vic.

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