How well do Malaysian men know about periods?

The number 1 feminine care brand in Malaysia, Libresse, launched a campaign called “Men-struation” to reframe what periods are in men’s minds to improve understanding between women and the men in their lives, creating a stronger affinity towards Libresse in their target audience.

Most of the women in Malaysia have felt ashamed about their period at some point in their lives, and men are one of the biggest causes of this period shame.

It is a problem that happens globally, and starts from young, when little boys make fun of little girls about things related to puberty or menstruation.

This affects girls in many ways as they grow older, including their body image and confidence in themselves.

The month-long integrated campaign was launched on Libresse’s Facebook page and features a character called the ‘Get Real Bro’.

He explains periods man to man – sharing educational content videos and tips with every man in women’s lives, so they understand what period is like and how they can support them.

The videos can be watched here:

Verene Lee, Marketing Manager of Fempro Vinda Marketing Malaysia, said “We believe that period is not a taboo topic, not just amongst women but to all. Using creative storytelling, we continue to drive awareness in normalizing periods and creating a more supportive environment for women.”

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