Here come more Lunar New Year TVCs


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‘Ka Fan’ A Heartwarming Chinese New Year CNY BERNAS-Bowls For Humanity

Sweetness of Sacrifice – #kalendarbudu – Chinese New Year 2016 – Malaysia Airlines

To cherish something is to care for it deeply and often.

It is the small sacrifices made that taste the sweetest, as Nyin shows us.

Celebrate this Chinese New Year with a warm reunion dinner beside loved ones, no matter how far you’ve travelled.

After all, it is the sweetness in life that makes it worth living.

 Letting Go Of The Past Can Bring An Unexpected Surprise – Mudah.My

Sometimes ads are worth watching, and this one is definitely one of them! It might bring some sad tears to your eyes.

Lost memories will always come back .

Such a heart-warming, beautiful, touching and heartfelt advertisement.

Thumbs up!

5 aunties met with celebrities. What happened next will surprise you! Have a #HappyBeautifulYear ahead!

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