Have you registered to meet top CMOs virtually? This is your last chance.

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Don’t miss our webinar series starting on April 22, 2020 at 4pm. Our live webinar series is a fundraiser for MERCY Malaysia’s Covid-19 fund and at the same time, a knowledge-sharing opportunity to learn from Malaysia’s top CMOs. 

Here’s what they will be sharing:

Fernie Jasmine, Head of Group Marketing & Branding
Axiata Group Berhad

CMO Roundtable 1 – Conversational marketing (22/4)

Fernie will be sharing her insights on the role conversational marketing can play in your relationship with clients and how to use the technique successfully. 

Timothy Johnson, SVP Marketing, Product & Partnerships
INTI International University & Colleges 

CMO Roundtable 1 – Conversational marketing (22/4)

Tim will explain the methods that have worked for him, when communicating with students and professors. How do you run a virtual business that counts on physical presence on site? He’s got the answers. 

Adam Wee, Group Chief Marketing Officer
CIMB Group

CMO Roundtable 2 – Business Continuity from Home (23/4)

Adam Wee not only holds valuable expert insights on the current and future financial situation of Malaysian businesses, but also strategies on ensuring your business is prepared for a range of post-MCO possibilities. Whether you’re a big business owner or an SME owner, you’ll want to join this session to stay ahead of the curve. 

Santharuban, Senior Vice President Marketing & Alternate Business
Etika Holdings

CMO Roundtable 2 – Business Continuity from Home (23/4)

This award winning CMO is equipped with all the right skills, knowledge and passion to keep the business going even during tough times. How does a manufacturing business survive during a low-purchase phase and what kinds of plans are they working on to bounce back strong? Join to find out.

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