It’s now Facebook’s turn for some down time

After yesterday’s fiasco with Gmail and Google’s productivity suite, it is now Facebook’s turn for some time-out. To recap, Google’s email, and Cloud storage services went down for half the day, affecting businesses and general users worldwide.

While there is no explanation for this outage, it did affect users around the Americas, most of Asia, and Europe. All seems well right? Not so as Facebook and Instagram is now facing the same issues. The social networks, and even WhatsApp, have been experiencing outages from 3am (AEST), around 1am Malaysia time.

At first, these seem to only be affecting the Americas and Europe for both mobile and desktop. WhatsApp quickly followed and didn’t work properly as well after.

Unlike Google, Facebook has been quick to confirm that it isn’t facing a denial of service attack. However, like Mountain View, it is keeping mum on what’s really going on.

At press time, all Facebook services, including WhatsApp and Instagram, are still experiencing outages.

Text by: Victor Yap 

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