Your Real Issues

Your Real Issues

Your Real Issues

Hey, it’s me again!

I’m just wondering… I have been talking to you over a series of videos recently.

I’m sure you have your own thoughts, your own opinions.

I like you to email me and tell me those.

I’m happy to air your thoughts.

To put them into context if necessary.

My email address is [email protected]

Because I may not be right.

In fact, I don’t think I’m right all the time.

Same may apply to you.

You may have a gripe about something…

You don’t want to articulate it…

Because I have a lot of people who call me and tell me this and tell
me that.

I said okay, I will publish it.

But (they say) don’t mention my name!

So I said, well then it is worthless for me.

It’s only a conversation between you and I.

Like the other day, I called an agency.

Because I heard in the grapevine.

That they let go of some people.

Not some people, quite a few people…

But no, they cannot tell me anything.

I said okay.

I don’t want to publish gossip.

After a few phone calls, I gave up.

Because you know why?

People are being let go every day.

Today maybe five people left this agency.

To me, that is the only the beginning.

Next week another five may go.

It’s not even news anymore.

So, everybody is out to protect their own I suppose.

And I can appreciate that.

I can respect that.

Like I don’t publish news about an agency winning an account.

Unless it’s official.

Because, there are livelihoods are at stake.

You need to inform your client.

If you’re gonna stop handling this business.

You have to inform your staff.

You have to streamline things.

We know that you are in the business of business.

It is not our job to rock your boat.

Our job is to help you with your business.

So I wait for news that people really want to talk about and I share.

But these videos are different…

These videos are hopefully an opportunity for you to email me and
tell me how crappy this whole thing is, or whatever….

Just don’t be a wired coward, sitting behind a computer screen
and bitching away…

Don’t be that…

Your real issues…. tell us.

We’re happy to air them, we’re happy to talk about it.

Video captions by GilaTerJemah

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