Entropia commits to stringent standards and 100% viewability

(marketingmagazine.com.my) – The new marketing services company – ENTROPIA has announced that it will guarantee clients, 100% viewability in line with the most stringent standards available globally.

Entropia has struck collaborations with several top publishers in this regard, as well as with the most rigorous global ad fraud and brand safety platforms globally.

Over the last few months, a series of pilots were run to assess optimal cost and reach elasticity dynamics.

“In upper and mid-funnel focused brands where the currency of trading is views, it goes without saying that ‘real views’ are a MUST have, and not just good to have. It’s got to become hygiene,” said Prashant Kumar, Senior Partner, Entropia.

“While rigorous filters bring some limitations to the qualifying inventory volumes, and raise costs, the advertisers pay for what’s real.

“And an uncompromising stance on this by the industry is probably the only way to incent and compel inventory owners to offer stricter qualifying standards. The market for the unviewed or ‘unspecified status’ has no right to exist”

“In the rapidly evolving media marketplace we live in, the ‘cult of the new’ has spawned a range of myths.

“Technology is not always equal to transparency; Data is not always equal to efficiency and accountability; and complex is not necessarily sophisticated.

“This is the first in a series of measures we hope to take to ensure data and tech genuinely work FOR the clients. And clients pay for what matters,” he added.

Entropia promises to maintain stringent standards and 100% viewability

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