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Recently, the Advertising Association in the UK declared that trust in advertising was at an all-time low.

Laurence Green, executive partner at MullenLowe London, recently penned a piece on the image problem that currently permeates the advertising industry as a whole.

He feels that the last two decades has seen the public being assailed with a public and private messaging due to the advent of the internet.

Green is of the opinion that the chase for advertising dollars has “corrupted the social commons” of the internet’s idealistic design.

“The extraordinary enrichment of its major players has come at considerable cost to the previously benign ecosystem of advertiser, publisher and audience,” he said.

It’s time for brands to do good. He thinks the industry needs to increase their support for work that contributes greatly to good causes.

He alludes to a famous quote by David Droga, “people don’t like advertising, until their cat goes missing,” and drives home the point about emotional urgency.

Green thinks that when advertising is employed for social good, rather than just commercial purposes, it can be a potential ‘trust lifeline’ for the industry.

“When advertising does good – especially if it is good also – good things happen in turn,” he concluded.

Source: Campaign Live UK

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