Innovation is about disruption and not distraction – Karthik Siva

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Innovation arises as a result of collaboration. Global brands and institutions like Google, Pixar, Lego know that disruptive ideas come from cognitive diversity – when diverse people with diverse skills get together to solve a problem – Magic happens.

There is no spark without friction. There is no friction without a cognitively diverse team coming together to
brainstorm problems.

Most people get misled and impressed by the free sushi, pool tables, pods, laundry service, organic food, bean bags etc. when they walk into Googleplex. I have seen so many businesses in Asia blindly imitate these Silicon Valley work environments, facilities, features and employee benefits.

Karthik Siva on How to create an innovation driven culture

Unfortunately most of these businesses do not create brilliant products, market disruption or eye popping performance. It is important to note that Google, Lego or Pixar will still be the same companies and will continue to deliver innovation even without the sushi, bean bags, pods or pool tables.

World class talents join Google or any other outstanding company because they want to spar with the best, collaborate with the best and learn from the best in order to create brilliant solutions that can solve some of the world’s most pressing and intractable problems. This is the primary motivation why brilliant people queue up to join outstanding institutions.

So bean bags and pool tables can often be a source of distraction and not disruption when they are not accompanied by great performance or innovation.

Karthik Siva is a highly acclaimed and respected international strategy consultant, nation branding expert and leadership mentor to CEOs and entrepreneurs. He is the founding Chairman of Global Brand Forum, Asia’s most influential Forum for brands, business and leadership, described by BBC as the “Davos of Branding” and by Straits Times Singapore as the “World Cup of Branding”.

After obtaining his Masters in Business Administration from India, Karthik has spent more than 25 years in senior leadership positions advising Governments, regulators, global brands, regional corporations, NGOs and SMEs across Asia Pacific, U.S. and the U.K. Karthik currently advises and enables business owners and SMEs to globalise and scale their businesses through strategy, innovation, branding and leadership development.

Karthik is also a highly sought after keynote speaker and trainer in international and regional forums. Karthik’s leadership and expertise has been recognized and commended by several CEOs and entrepreneurs including Nobel prize winner and former Vice President of the United States – Al Gore. Karthik is also the author of Tools, Tips & Thoughts for Entrepreneurs, SPARK and How to Present and Persuade with Power?.

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