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Sheena Fong
Business Manager

Sheena joined Novartis two years ago as Business Manager for Cosentyx.  Prior to that she was Senior Product Manager at MSD Pharmaceuticals for the Lipid portfolio across Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

She did the groundwork and managed to launch an MSD brand for diabetes which subsequently became the market leader for several years.

Spent most of her 8 years in marketing focusing on increasing share of voice as the key to success for brands in primary care portfolios.

Since joining Novartis (specialty care portfolio), she became more passionate about improving access of medicines to patients who need them, every effort counts and every effort changes patients’ lives one way or another.

She embraces the company’s vision to reimagine medicine and reimagine access to medicine for people who need it.

Sheena is on the right in this picture, taken during an annual family vacation to Cameron Highlands in 1986. These days she is making her family proud in a company that champions medicine for those in need.

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