AeroMexico offers discounts based on how Mexican one is

2 years ago

With the whole immigration business becoming an increasingly touchy subject since President Trump took over, racial division is at its peak

With Mexico being at the center of it all, its biggest airline has come up with a hilariously innovative marketing gimmick to change the them vs us dynamic and unite people instead of polarizing them racially.

AeroMexico is offering discounts based on just how Mexican you are.

The airline went to this small town southwest of Houston to show the impact of generations of immigration between Mexico and U.S. and to underscore that we’re not as different as we may think.

Texans took DNA tests to find out just how Mexican they are, and some of the reactions to the results are gold. But the real treasure is in how this creative idea undermines a prejudice that’s become far too pervasive.

Apparently there are people who refuse to travel to Mexico. Maybe they hate tortillas and tequila?

Ironically people live in the US state that used to be part of Mexico and like it or not there many people there have a Mexican heritage.

Aeroméxico, the national airline of Mexico, decided to prove that fact and drum up a little business at the same time. Traveling throughout the Southwest U.S., the airline and agency Ogilvy Mexico found people who insisted they’d never want to go to Mexico. Then they gave them DNA tests to reveal any Mexican ancestry and offered flights with discounts based on the results. The more Mexican DNA, the higher the discount.

After Texas, the project continued through Colorado, Utah and Nevada. All told, 54 percent of the people tested showed some Mexican heritage. Remember, these were all people who said they’d never want to visit but naturally when offered a discount based on their lineage, opinions may differ.