A workshop for those who are shy….


I know many people are shy to attend a Data Science workshop. 

Even though it can teach them how to be more savvy at their job. 

Because the jargon can be overwhelming. Or the trainer overpowering. 

Most data scientists think that they are in an elite group. 

And they may speak a different language than us mortals. 

Well, the good news is, Dr Mark Chia is a new kind of Data Scientist. 

He has walked in your shoes before, so he knows where you’re coming from. 

And where you should be heading. Without the bluster, bombast or boast. 

He will walk with you on the learnings you need, to be Data-Aware. 

Imagine going through this amazing journey with him on September 22…..

Data Science Basics • Big Data • Terminology • Common Misconceptions • Business Value • Advertising & Marketing Use Cases • Advertising & Marketing • Overview • Terminology • Industry challenges • Understand digital strategy ecosystem • Analytics Processes • Overview • Data Preparation • Visualisation & Reporting 

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