Workshop on Data Science in Advertising & Marketing by Dr Mark Chia

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MARKETING Magazine is happy to announce the upcoming workshop on “Data Science in Advertising & Marketing 101” to be conducted by Dr Mark Chia, Founder of Mobius Group. The one-day workshop will be held on 22nd of September 2022 at Eastin Hotel.

This HRD Corp approved workshop will cover topics such as Data Science Basics, Advertising & Marketing Basics, Analytics Processes and also a case study pertaining to the topics discussed, which will further be of advantage for the attendees. 

Dr Mark Chia, Founder of Mobius Group

“The only common thing that all industries have is data where they collect data in some form or another. The bigger question is whether they use the data. It also works both ways where data is used to identify gaps and to be able to move the business forward to make better informed decisions.” says Dr Mark

The objective of the workshop is to gain the fundamentals of data science, how data science can be a powerful tool in analytics and decision-making that will come in handy for the advertising and marketing professionals who will be attending this training.

When it comes to marketing and communication, understanding the customers is the main priority, as well as providing the right proposition at the right time in the right environment via the right channel. 

By leveraging data science, one can segment customers using algorithms which can complement the rule-based segmentation approach.

The workshop is recommended for people seeking to learn the fundamentals of data science in advertising and marketing.

Who should attend:

  • Brand Marketing & Communication Executives
  • Planning & Research Executives
  • Account/Client Management Executives in advertising agencies
  • Planners & Buyers in digital and media agencies

Dr Mark is the founder of Mobius Group where he is responsible for the vision and strategic direction of the company. He is a thought leader and trainer in data science who is passionate about the data science ecosystem. 

He is a firm believer in talent development and sits on the advisory boards of various universities. He is also a member of advisory panels in various organisations. 

Before launching Mobius, Dr Mark was the Director of Group Data at Astro. He was responsible for the integration, utilisation and monetisation of data across the Astro Group. He brought together the disciplines of data management, visualisation and advanced analytics to generate value for Astro. 



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