We’re halfway through MMC Tuesdays, here’s what you’ve missed so far

The first two sessions for the 4-session MMC Tuesdays (sponsored by Omnia) have been successfully aired. This is the first time in its 14-year history that the conference has gone online and is free for everyone to attend. To find out what happened during the kick-off session on 3 November, click here.

Last week’s session started off with a presentation from the Founder and Executive Chairman of Commerce.Asia, Ganesh Bangah. Given his recent project that aims to recreate the success of Commerce.Asia with an influencer platform called Nuffang LIVE, Ganesh deep-dived into growth trends and specifically how live commerce is transforming influencer marketing. 

By explaining the global trends surrounding the influencer marketing spend, he explained the rate at which it was increasing, especially in the last 5 years. What used to be a USD 500 million spend in 2015, is now USD 5 – 10 billion market in 2020.

“In the Malaysian context, social actually captured one-third of Total Malaysian Digital Adex and is also the largest growing component of digital adex,” Ganesh said. “It’s grown 15% between last year and this year, while most of the other platforms actually shrunk except for video.”

Analysing this trend, Ganesh explained that as some other industry professionals have claimed, influencer marketing can be considered as the next best thing for marketers after facebook and Google. 

Ganesh also added that the reason why influencer marketing works is because 83% of consumers say they trust recommendations from family and friends over advertising. “Influencer Marketing is as close to the real thing as brands can get and still retain some creative control over the message and the audience,” Ganesh said. 

LIVE Commerce on the other hand is the concept that combines influencer marketing with live-commerce, a service that is provided by Nuffnang in a comprehensive end-to-end format. 

To find out more about Nuffnang and specific tips shared by Ganesh on optimising influencer marketing as a business growth tool, click here

Ganesh’s presentation was followed by an Unfiltered Panel Hour that discussed titled ‘Removing the Stumbling Blocks’. 

Moderated by Chief Strategist from Edelman Malaysia, Sailesh Wadhwa, the panel consisted of key representatives from three sectors – media owners, marketers and agencies, whose intricate industry linkages to each other form an ecosystem of its own.

The goal for the panel was to trigger an open discourse on the “knots” faced by three symbiotic industries and the potential synergies that could be activated by addressing these challenges.

With no holds barred, each panelist offered their perspective on the different stumbling blocks they’ve noticed and discussed potential solutions. To watch the full panel discussion, click here.

With no holds barred, each panelist offered their perspective on the different stumbling blocks they’ve noticed and discussed potential solutions. To watch the full panel discussion, click here. 

The last presentation of the day was by the Regional Director of Marketing for McDonalds’, Eugene Lee.

Eugene’s presentation took an interesting perspective on the importance of understanding a medium before using it as a marketing opportunity. Titled ‘If you don’t get it, don’t get into it,’ he shared his experience with McDonalds as the company first started a Twitter account in 2019. 

“McDonalds Malaysia was actually very late to the party,” Eugene said, explaining that they did not have a Twitter account until 2019. “We didn’t have a strong enough purpose and strategy to get onto the platform and that’s why we held back for that long.”

After asking themselves three questions to assess their understanding of the social media platform, the people who use it and their strategy and purpose for using it, McDonald’s Malaysia posted its first tweet.

Within 24 months of starting a Twitter account, the brand had gained over to 210,000 followers, which was 4 times higher than the number of followers other leading F&B brands who were on Twitter for almost a decade had. 

To learn more about the strategy McDonalds used for this success and their marketing campaigns in the e-sports arena, watch Eugene’s presentation here

If you missed the live broadcast yesterday, you can watch the full video here on our YouTube channel.

Don’t forget to tune in next Tuesday (17 November) post-Deepavali weekend. So get your murukku ready because this session is going to be a crash course on content creation for the next decade.

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