Vertical Video Syndrome is the disease you want to have

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Shooting videos vertically was just recently considered to be one of the main things to avoid when filming and was even named as Vertical Video Syndrome (VVS) after a comedic PSA urging people to hold their phones horizontally, went viral. 

However, as consumers become increasingly mobile-centric, the concept of vertical storytelling is becoming an inescapable trend for businesses that don’t want to get left behind. 

Stepping into a decade that has social media marketing in its core from the start, creates an opportunity for business owners to get a head start by fully comprehending the benefits of marketing to their consumers via videos formatted for mobile viewing, or in other words, vertical storytelling. 

On February 18, to walk you through the ins and out of vertical storytelling is Tay Guan Hin, the Founder and Global Chief Creative Officer of TGH Collective, in a comprehensive workshop titled ‘The Future of Vertical Storytelling’.

Instead of thinking outside the box, Guan Hin will be sharing the importance of thinking within the 9:16 box and how it helps create content that maximizes the full potential of mobile screens and increase the online presence of any brand. 

Book your seats now for this workshop that will define the success of your video marketing. Click here to book now. 

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