Twitter, Facebook and Alphabet Inc pledge to fight hate speech online

Social media giants joining forces to combat hate speech online
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Representatives from Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Alphabet Inc are committed to help curb the internet’s role in spreading hate speech and incitement to violence.

At a summit in Paris, representatives from the companies are committing to a new wave of innovation that will include new rules, algorithms and direct intervention to curb violent extremism on social media platforms.

According to Bloomberg, French President Emmanuel Macron and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, were joined by leaders from the U.K., Canada, Jordan, Indonesia and others to approve the push they dubbed the “Christchurch Call.” The U.S. has also agreed in principle.

“Today must be Day One for change,” Ardern told reporters after the summit. “It’s a road map for action, and it’s comforting to see major internet companies committing to collaborative action.”

Facebook is tightening its rules for Facebook Live with a ‘one-strike’ policy for users who violate its rules on offensive or dangerous content, such as link sharing to terrorist related activities. Those in violation will be blocked from the Live features, and the company will be looking to expand these restrictions into other areas in the near future .

Source: Bloomberg

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