Rolling Stone and Y&R Brazil team up for ‘Soundproof Posters’

Rolling Stone Brazil and Y&R Brazil team up for soundproof posters

Rolling Stone Brazil and Y&R Brazil have teamed up to create a series of ‘Soundproof Posters’ that serve a dual purpose, soundproofing practice spaces and more importantly, looking really cool.

Apparently, Rolling Stone learnt that when teenagers decide to learn playing the guitar, neighbours, parents and siblings often bear the brunt of the noise pollution.

Since teenagers love handing band posters on the wall, the publication teamed up with Y&R Brazil to create an inspired series of four posters that have soundproof qualities.

These posters are made out of acoustic foam, coated with fireproof resin and fiberglass. The posters feature four top guitar legends of past and present – Jimi Hendrix, Keith Richards, Zakk Wylde and Brazilian guitarist Kiko Loureiro.

Rolling Stone Brazil has been migrating to digital content, from its print magazine. Its all about driving engagement while growing its follower base.

Guitar players posting themselves playing on Instagram had a chance to win a set of four posters each. The campaign spread organically with a lot of great riffs too. This is a perfect example of how a print publication can make an amazing impact online through ingenious insights and create executions.

Source: The Drum.

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