Top 3 things you should do before sending out your next EDM

To the naysayers predicting the death of email marketing, Mellissa Lee, Head of GetResponse Malaysia says the platfrom is very much alive and kicking especially in today’s high paced working enviroment. 

“Its all about looking at why you are sending out a particular message and understanding your user. Some may think that WhatsApp is another alternative to email marketing, as it’s a new space where you can communicate with someone in a more friendly enviroment. But using this method however you would not be able to track the effectiveness of your messaging and this will be a problem in terms of follow ups and improving future communication,” Mellissa shared while adding that emails were still a primary form of communication among working professionals. 

While many complain of the universal problem of declining open rates, a key reason for this was an inactive database and sheduling a regular clean up was key. 

So what are the key things you should do to get a better response through your email marketing campaigns? Here are Mellissa’s top three tips:


The key according to Mellissa was striking the right balance between sending regularly and ensuring you don’t send too often and have your email be considered spam. How do you find that balance? Testing is key, make sure you try out different options – once a day, once in three days and see which works best. 


Timing matters. Sending something on the weekend vs Monday morning makes a difference in terms of the response you get. Most readers are constantly glued to their mobile screens and chances are most of your blasts are being read on the go. Find the right timing where your audience are most captive by testing often and ensure that your blast does not go out sporadically. 


Content matters, and in this case even more so. Pay attention to the words you use, email filters are quick to pick up keywords that indicate spam. While many know the importance of a Call To Action (CTA) button, some go overboard and too many CTA buttons would end up confusing the reader. Instead, guide your reader within your email text to one goal, this would better prompt them to click on that button. 

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