TNB ONGs it with Reprise for CNY

6 months ago

Reprise Digital Malaysia has released a quirky yet heart-warming film for Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) to usher in the Chinese New Year (CNY). 

Titled “The ONG-est Hours”, the film highlights a different perspective of the celebration, showing the hours after the reunion dinner.

The festive film starts where other stories usually end, with a family enjoying a delicious pre-CNY reunion dinner, followed by the common sight of the younger generation wanting to leave the house. As the cousins make their way out, the situation escalates with a series of clever tactics and extravagant displays by the elders to stall their departure.

Stanley Clement, Managing Director of Reprise said, “The team was working on the insight that the younger generation spends less time at the family home during CNY. This is a territory that is rarely explored in CNY advertisements, thus it presented the brand with a strategic opportunity to stand out.”

The film sees the cousins eventually deciding to stay and continue the festivities as they realise the importance of being with family at this auspicious time. The film further explores the tradition of ‘ya sui qian’, a special ang pau that remains unopened for the year to keep children safe from harm.

TNB chief corporate officer Datuk Wira Roslan Ab Rahman said, “This film serves as a reminder for our youth to reflect on the importance of family foundations amidst our pursuit of success in life. True prosperity is about having family by your side, and appreciating every second you have to bond.”

A microsite has been launched to allow participants to revel in CNY related fun activities and tasks, encouraging them to spend time with family members. The well-loved character Jero also makes an appearance, with 20 high scorers having an opportunity to win themselves a limited edition Jero figurine. 

The film was produced by Passion Pictures and directed by Darrel Hyon-Le  and currently has almost 3 million views. 

Watch the ONG-est video here



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