The Star’s Majoriti 7 hits the market today.

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Star Media Group launches new product offering.

Star Media Group (SMG) today launched a new product offering in the form of a Malay language, urban lifestyle newspaper titled Majoriti 7 ‘with a distinct vision of redefining storytelling and modern cultural commentary’.

With its tagline of ‘Adrenalin Metropolitan’, the new platform will draw inspiration from urban life for a unique lens on the local and international scene as well as feature articles on a variety of topics from finance and businesses to lifestyle articles.

“Majoriti 7 is the first of its kind in our national language and its content is specially curated to cover numerous segments that cater to metropolitan communities,” Majoriti 7 content lead Suzie Adnan said.

Conceptualised and conceived over the last year or so, “It is a value proposition to our clients while at the same time we want the readers to enjoy it,” SMG’s Group CEO Alex Yeow told MARKETING Magazine in an earlier interview.

Publisher of MARKETING Magazine Harmandar Singh says, “There is ample space for print titles to make it in the media space. Provided they are catered to a niche and quality audience. Besides, print makes more than 8 times the profit of online versions.”

Available every Thursday, the weekender can be found at selected Starbucks outlets and De.Wan 1958 restaurants for their customers while public availability will be at selected 7-Eleven outlets and Petronas Mesra in the Klang Valley at RM8 per copy.

“Majoriti 7’s unique distribution channels provide our clients with a direct line of communication between their brands and targeted affluent audiences.”

“Through this premium weekender, brands will be able to showcase their distinguishing attributes and offerings. A new era of print publication is here and we welcome interested parties to be a part of this exciting journey,” said product lead Chung Eng Lee.

“From engaging commentaries on current issues to showcasing a world of exceptional people, style and exclusive places, Majoriti 7 amplifies the cultures and accomplishments that shape our communities. This is the new voice of the modern and progressive Malay society,” finished Suzie Adnan.

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