Starbucks serves newest ad in a single-shot

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Marketing agency Iris London together with director The Queen and production house, Fresh Film, worked on delivering Starbucks UK’s latest is an impressive and fun film edited from a single take.

According to Shots, a global film-focused platform dedicated to creativity in the advertising space, “There were a bunch of ways we could’ve done the POV, but we found that using a small handheld camera gave us a lot more control over movement since everything had to be so choreographed,” said The Queen. “The art dept obviously played a massive part in making the tricks work. They made loads of purpose-built rigs and tricks that allowed us to do most of the effects practically. We created a marble surface which fires cups into the air, a coffee packet which dispenses espresso, and a revolving table that can physically spin people into the shot!”

The ad, “It Starts with you”, uses live-action and in-camera effects to execute a film that gives viewers something new to look at every second.

Watch the ad here:

Starbucks “It Starts with you” from THE QUEEN on Vimeo.

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