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( – By: Amira Najua Sa’abana, Demand Director, Tremor Video

Let’s go back in time for a minute. Back to the days when the whole family gathered around the one television in the house at 8pm every night to catch up with the day’s news on Buletin Utama.

It was a time when it was easy for marketers to find their target consumer. Each family member fit into cookie-cutter identified demos, and we knew they were all watching TV, together, in the living room.

Fast forward to today. Viewers are simultaneously watching multiple screens of all sizes in every room of their homes and on-the- go.

Today, advertisers and publishers are chasing consumers and audiences as they dart from screen to screen.

Malaysians are consuming video across all devices, in conjunction with their traditional television viewing.

A recent Vuclip report found that OTT video was the preferred source of content because of the TV-like, high-quality viewing environment, which is also preferred by many brands for the same reason.

The report also predicts that as 3G and 4G cellular service become more prevalent, the average user’s smartphone data is expected to grow from 1.2GB in 2015 to approximately 9GB by 2021, largely driven by the consumption of mobile video.

Online video is unique and more impactful than any other medium. It combines the sight, sound, and motion of TV with the power of digital’s data capabilities; allowing for the best storytelling and measurement of any form of advertising.

Consequently, this has caused a shift in how advertisers are spending their digital dollars nowadays.

Now, sellers have the ability to traffic inventory in an instant and buyers can deploy campaigns quickly.

This real-time nature, powered by incredible technology platforms, is more commonly known as programmatic –everybody’s favourite buzzword.

Both publishers and advertisers can take advantage of the software tools to enhance their overall business strategy. The types of transactions available in these platforms provides flexibility; from open auction where real-time bidding occurs to programmatic direct, where prices are set.

Buyers aren’t only changing how they buy, but also the currency they use.

The ability to measure metrics around video such as who watched the video, where, for how long, etc. allows buyers to choose the different signals to help align their brand goals.

Similarly, sellers use the same metrics to better understand their inventory and strategize on how they can sell effective inventory packages.

But video advertising really doesn’t have to be so complicated. The benefit of moving into digital is the ability to let technology do the heavy lifting.

The more we let the data tell us what works and develop solutions that break down silos, the faster the industry can embrace video as a platform-agnostic medium.

Then, marketers can spend more time dreaming up bigger and better ideas, devising more strategic campaigns, and putting the focus back on their brands.

Driving brand performance is key in ensuring successful online video campaigns. We need to think in terms of full video convergence — video is video on any device.

In doing so, we can reach the consumer with one message across desktop, smartphone, tablet, or Connected TV.

Only then can we provide marketers with one reach and frequency metric across devices.

When we look at the future of video advertising, we see a screen-agnostic world where attractive consumers are identified and engaged by what’s in their brain—not in their profile.

Video is complex, but with the right approach and with the support of strategic partners you can set a video strategy that allows you to capitalize on the opportunities this medium has created.

Amira Sa’abana has joined as Demand Director to foster the adoption of Tremor Video’s platforms. Most recently, she launched the digital monetization initiatives for Astro Awani and built a team to support the growing need of digital sales for the newsroom. She was also responsible for developing a real-time marketing strategy to increase brand awareness during breaking news periods. Amira holds a Bachelor of Science in Business & Economics from Lehigh University. Connect with her here

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